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Service Name Category Description
Viadeo Social Network Viadeo is a business and social networki...
Virb Other Virb lets you build your own website qui...
Visitez Mon Site Bookmarking Site est un Digg-like avec...
Vkontakte Social Network is the most popular social ...
vKruguDruzei Social Network is one of the oldest Ru...
VOXopolis Tools VOXopolis provides social tools to enabl...
vybrali SME Bookmarking Site The most popular bookmarking service in ...
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Movers & Shakers

Trending Up:
+155%2 Fancy
+99%3 Qzone
+37%4 Folkd
+34%5 Flaker
Trending Down:
-36%2 WordPress
-21%4 Blogger
-17%6 Blinklist
-15%8 Azadegi
-14%10 Textme SMS

* Based on overall sharing, last 90 days