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Facebook Like Button

We've made it easy to add the Facebook Like button to your pages, and if you're already using an AddThis Toolbox on your website... it's even easier!

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Add Facebook's Namespace

Unlike the rest of our supported buttons, Facebook Send does require one additional step – you don't have to write any code, just add Facebook's XML namespace to your page's initial HTML tag:

<html xmlns:fb="">

Note: We cannot count clicks from Like buttons added via iframes. Instead, use the code in the first paragraph, or <fb:like> via the Facebook SDK.

Add Facebook Like to an AddThis Toolbox

If you're already using the popular AddThis Toolbox on your site and want to add Facebook's new Like button, it couldn't be easier... simply add this line of code to your toolbox:

<a class="addthis_button_facebook_like" />

Examples and Configuration Options

See some example code as well as other configurations of the Facebook Like button in our support documentation.