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Make tweeting easier.

We've made it easy to add Twitter's Tweet button to your pages, and if you're already using an AddThis Toolbox on your website... it's even easier!

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Add Twitter Tweet to an AddThis Toolbox

If you're already using the popular AddThis Toolbox on your site and want to add Twitter's new Tweet button, it couldn't be easier... simply add this line of code to your toolbox:

<a class="addthis_button_tweet"></a>

Examples and Configurations Options

See some example code as well as other configurations and customizations of the Twitter Tweet button in our support documentation.

Automatically Updated for You

By adding one line of code to your site, your users can tweet and share your content. AddThis ensures that you have the latest sharing tools with the latest features from your favorite services.

Detailed Analytics

You can measure and compare Twitter to other sharing services that your visitors use to distribute your content. AddThis provides insight into the value that services like Twitter bring to your site via our analytics dashboard.


  • Easily added to the AddThis Toolbox
  • Track your users with analytics
  • One line of code
  • Automatically updated for you
  • It's completely free!