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Big social data

AddThis social plugins and analytics are used by over 14 million sites across the world. Loaded over 3 billion times per day, our platform delivers massive insight into what’s happening across the real-time web. We understand what content people share and click, what sites interest them the most, and the search and social activity that get them there.

Massively scalable processing

XGraph processes tens of terabytes of data per day in real-time. We use geo-distributed, redundant data centers to process over 34,000 events a second. This technology enables us to query our big social data with a speed and complexity that far exceeds cloud computing or Hadoop-based platforms.

Intelligence made actionable

XGraph leverages high-end algorithms to unlock insights from our data and processing capabilities. We map how 1.5 billion people are connected via their social activity, site preferences, and search activity. This map of nearly 25 billion connections, or multigraph, is the largest of its kind on the web. We use this multigraph, along with our content classification and recommendation systems, to deliver the power of our network back to our publishers, advertisers, and consumers via our suite of data-driven products: social plugins, analytics and advertising solutions.