Mark Hurd

Mark Hurd is the chief executive officer of Oracle Corporation and a member of the Board of Directors. Bringing over thirty years of business experience in the technology industry, Mark joined Oracle as president in 2010. He now leads the company as CEO alongside Safra Catz.

Upon assuming the CEO position, Mark Hurd prioritized the cloud as Oracle’s long-term goal, revamping the sales process across the company to better showcase cloud technology and opportunities for growth in new markets. By moving salespeople into a specialist model, Mark created opportunities for each employee to become an expert in their product field. This structural change allowed sales staff to gain a better understanding of the competitive advantages and unique feature sets that Oracle products provide customers. Beginning in 2013, current Oracle salespeople were trained on the new specialist model. Mark also hired more than four thousand additional salespeople into this new process, shifting territory assignments and restructuring quota systems to optimize the system for dramatic hardware growth.

As part of Hurd’s strategy to grow Oracle cloud capabilities, Mark came into Oracle ready to spend. Recognizing the importance of spending in the short-term to ensure future sustained growth, Hurd moved to expand the ranks of Oracle’s salesforce. In an interview, Mark stated: "We are going to invest, but we are not changing our revenue goals. If you tell me something will grow the top line, you have unfettered access to the checkbook.’’ This philosophy has also applied to strategic acquisitions, of which Mark has spearheaded several in the past seven years. Companies like BlueKai, Datalogix and now AddThis have bolstered Oracle’s cloud offerings and integrated into Oracle Data Cloud to provide a broader tool set for Oracle customers

Drawing on AddThis’ unique marketing datasets and tools, Data Cloud enables deep insight into consumer data along with detailed metrics to see campaign impact across marketing strategy. Developing infrastructure to support cloud platforms has been a critical component of Mark Hurd’s long-term strategy, detailed in an interview with Recode: “Now what we’re very focused on is bringing the infrastructure in place to support that platform and support that applications and incremental commercial workloads that customers need.” Oracle Data Cloud brings together a variety of data channels to create a processing pipeline built for your business.

Having a longstanding relationship already with current Oracle Data Cloud companies like Datalogix, AddThis will be able to seamlessly integrate itself into the tech giant’s vast offering of services. Oracle’s recent acquisition of AddThis will help deliver industry-leading levels of audience measurement to its customers. Building technology from AddThis into its pre-existing portfolio such as Oracle Data Cloud, Oracle is positioned to gain additional business in the marketing and publishing sectors – specifically advertising and content firms requiring more robust tools and a full content marketing technology stack. Through Oracle’s Data as a Service (DaaS) offering, data is distilled into understanding, empowering businesses to identify long-term trends and develop cross-channel consumer awareness. Driven by Oracle’s ID Graph technology, data is organized into accessible touch point collections through smart data to maximize productivity and keep employees informed.

Alongside the AddThis mission of making the web experience more personal and engaging for users, the technology powering the existing AddThis dataset allows Oracle to further expand its data cloud offering. “We are the fastest-growing cloud-company at scale,” according to Hurd, and his personal mission of making the cloud a key component to Oracle’s long-term success can be seen in its year over year growth.

Mark’s leadership extends to philanthropic and academic pursuits outside of Oracle. As a graduate of Baylor University, Mark Hurd maintains his connection to the school as a member of the Board of Regents and his support of the Baylor tennis program. A former college tennis athlete, Mark and his family have made multiple contributions to the tennis facilities on campus, and in 2011 the complex was re-named the Hurd Tennis Center.

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