Mark Hurd

Developing a comprehensive portfolio of integrated cloud solutions has been a critical component of Oracle CEO Mark Hurd’s long-term strategy. AddThis seamlessly integrates into the Oracle’s services and helps deliver industry-leading levels of audience measurement to its customers, working alongside other acquisitions such as Datalogix to provide a more complete suite of tools for customers. By integrating technology from AddThis into its existing portfolio, Oracle is now positioned to serve additional businesses in the marketing and publishing sectors – specifically, advertising and content firms that require more robust tools from a full content marketing technology stack.

Oracle’s Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering distills data into understanding, empowering businesses to identify long-term trends and develop cross-channel consumer awareness. Drawing on AddThis’ unique marketing datasets and tools, Oracle Data Cloud enables deep insight into consumer data along with detailed metrics to visualize campaign impacts across marketing strategies. Alongside the AddThis mission of making the web experience more personal and engaging for users, the technology that powers the existing AddThis dataset allows Oracle to further expand its data cloud offerings.

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd speaks at Oracle OpenWorld, one of the world’s largest enterprise technology conferences.

On assuming the CEO position in 2014 alongside Safra Catz, Mark Hurd prioritized cloud computing as Oracle’s focus. He also revamped the sales process across the company to better showcase cloud offerings and to pursue opportunities for growth in new markets. By moving salespeople to a specialist model, Hurd created opportunities for each employee to become an expert in their product field. This structural change allowed sales staff to gain a better understanding of the competitive advantages and unique feature sets that Oracle SaaS products provide customers. Hurd hired more than four thousand new salespeople to support this process, shifting territory assignments and restructuring quota systems to optimize the sales system for growth.

Hurd also drove the creation of the Class Of program, a rigorous sales training process designed for recent college graduates joining Oracle. The initiative has now trained thousands of employees and continues to be a critical component of Oracle’s recruiting, hiring and retention efforts.

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd and Oracle CTO Larry Ellison cut the ribbon at the opening of Oracle’s Austin campus.

Hurd’s strategy for growing Oracle’s cloud capabilities involved being ready to spend heavily on new initiatives and development. Recognizing the importance of spending in the short term to ensure future sustained growth, Hurd stated in an interview: "We are going to invest, but we are not changing our revenue goals. If you tell me something will grow the top line, you have unfettered access to the checkbook.’ This philosophy has also applied to strategic acquisitions, of which Hurd has spearheaded several in the past seven years. Acquisitions such as NetSuite, Datalogix, and now AddThis have bolstered Oracle’s cloud offerings.

Mark Hurd has recognized the benefits of cutting-edge technology for decades. After more than twenty years at NCR Corporation, Hurd became its CEO in 2003. He then joined Hewlett-Packard as CEO in 2005. Stock prices doubled during Hurd's tenure at HP, beating expectations from Wall Street for twenty-two quarters. Since 2010, Hurd’s talent has helped lead Oracle and drive cloud adoption. Hurd’s leadership in the technology industry earned him the designation of CEO of the Year from the San Francisco Chronicle, and he’s also received additional recognition for his executive abilities from outlets including Fortune, Forbes, and CRN.

Hurd regularly appears on CNBC, Fox Business, and other networks to discuss technology and economic trends. He is also a regular speaker at Oracle OpenWorld, the year’s largest professional conference for Oracle customers and partners, and Hurd’s OpenWorld keynote presentations often offer predictions of a world that runs on the cloud. At Oracle OpenWorld 2018, he predicted, “85 percent of interactions with customers will be automated,” with companies using artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to improve their customer experience offerings.

Hurd’s leadership extends to philanthropic and academic pursuits. He was a competitive college athlete at Baylor University, from which he graduated with a bachelor's of business administration in 1979. Hurd continues to maintain his connection to the school as a member of the Baylor Board of Regents, and he also serves as Vice Chair of the Executive Committee. He is a supporter of Baylor’s tennis program and has contributed to the renovation of on-campus tennis facilities. In 2011, the complex was renamed the Hurd Tennis Center, and in 2015 it was recognized as the top college tennis facility in the country by Tennis Magazine. Hurd received the Baylor Legacy Award in 2012.

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd with Oracle US Tennis Award recipients Francesca Di Lorenzo and Chris Eubanks.

As a technology industry leader, Mark Hurd is a regular speaker at events such as Web Summit, and at Oracle conferences including Oracle OpenWorld. He is also a passionate supporter of American tennis through Oracle's partnerships with organizations such as the Intercollegiate Tennis Association and Universal Tennis’ MyUTR player ranking system.

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