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10 Lead Generation Hacks to Dominate Your Competition

We all know how powerful leads are for business. But what is more difficult is figuring out how to get them. How do you collect quality leads that are actually interested in your brand?

Great question!

State of Inbound chart showing stats on top marketing challenges.
(Source: Hubspot)

Lead generation is not an easy process, but it is a necessary one. Most marketers spend a significant chunk of their time and budget on lead generation. But many still consider it a top marketing challenge. In fact, over 60% of marketers do!

Are you also currently struggling with lead generation? The good news is that you aren’t alone. Even better news – there is a lot you can do to improve both the quality and quantity of your leads. Here are 10 lead generation hacks that will have you dominating your competition

1. Simplify your landing page forms.

To produce better converting forms, eliminate any extra form lines that you don’t really need. No one likes filling out a long form, so give the people what they want!

HubSpot form example
(Source: Venture Harbour)

It’s tempting to collect as much information as possible from your lead via your form. But what’s more likely to happen is that they won’t even finish the form and you’ll be left with nothing. Instead, keep things as simple as possible. The average form length for 2019 is 5 fields, which has the highest conversion rates. Check out the Hubspot example above – all you have to do is provide your website URL and email address. It couldn’t be easier!

If there is certain information you’d really like to collect, consider making it optional (and make sure it is clearly marked as such). This way, you still have the chance to gather additional information, but for those wanting to do as little as possible, you’ve still captured their email address and can start nurturing them. If you feel stuck, there are plenty of brands that have created landing pages that work that you can use for inspiration.

2. A/B test elements to increase leads over time.

A/B testing is one of the best ways to ensure an increase in leads over time. Your specific audience is unique, and therefore they may engage with your content in a unique way. Sure, most research agrees that bold contrasting call to action buttons convert better, but if you run an A/B test and find that a more subtle button converts better – stick with that!

CrazyEgg A/B test example
(Source: Crazy Egg)

It does take time to run a true A/B test, but it is time well spent. The above example was the result of several A/B tests that changed the copy, colors, and background image. The result? A 433% increase in click throughs.

While there’s no way to guarantee that large of an improvement, you will improve over time if you keep up with your A/B tests. Always be testing!  

3. Use Single Sign-On.

People today are hesitant to sign up for yet another website or service. We’ve simply given out our information one too many times and are tired of having to come up with yet another username and password. There’s also an increased awareness of security concerns that can deter your audience, even if you have never experienced any type of hacking or other security issue.

Pinterest single-sign on example
(Source: Pinterest)

The solution? Provide another way for users to sign up for your website! Instead of having to create a new account, users now have the option to sign in using an existing account that they have with a major company like Google or Facebook. This is typically referred to as a single sign-on (SSO).

Today more than ever, users are encouraged by convenience. The majority of your audience likely already has a Google or Facebook account, so it is incredibly convenient for them to sign up for you site using their existing information. This is a great, easy way for you to see a nice increase in leads signing up for your site.

4. Improve your lead magnets.

Sometimes, the reason you aren’t generating a ton of leads is simply because you aren’t offering them something valuable. By switching up your lead magnets, you can easily see a major increase in leads.

Lead magnet example
(Source: DigitalMarketer)

What will be valuable to your specific audience won’t be valuable to another. It’s important that you have a deep understanding of your target market so that you can craft the perfect lead magnet they will actually want to access.

There are plenty of different types of lead magnets to consider. No matter what you land on, make sure it provides your audience with a ton of value and isn’t something they can get elsewhere. Combine your great lead magnet with a simple form to fill out, and watch your leads pour in!

5. Start guest posting.

Believe it or not, guest posting is still a great method for generating leads. It’s also beneficial for other reasons, like improving SEO and increasing overall brand awareness, so it’s something you should be investing some of your time in.

Example of author bio
(Source: Ahrefs)

When you guest post somewhere, you’ll likely get an author bio (like what is pictured above). You can describe a little bit about who you are or what your brand is. Included here will be a link back to your website, which gives you a valuable backlink, and can help you with your lead generation

What is important here is that you’re producing quality content and connecting with the right websites that share your same target audience. That way, your content is seen as valuable and relevant to their audience, making them more likely to click back to your website to learn more.

This is a great way to get highly targeted leads, so be sure to spend some time connecting with related websites in your industry and forming valuable partnerships. In return, they may produce some guest content for your blog, which gives you additional content to share on your social media and beyond

6. Host a giveaway on social media.

Of social media would be mentioned at some point! It’s far too useful to leave it off any lead generation list. Consider hosting a giveaway on social media – it can connect with a lot of highly targeted leads.

Example of Poler's Instagram giveaway
(Source: Poler)

The key to a successful giveaway is to offer a valuable prize and make entry easy. If a follower has to complete 10 different steps, they aren’t going to enter. Instead, keep things simple, but make sure it is still helping you achieve your marketing goal. Take the above example – all a user has to do is tag two friends to enter. That is easy for the user, and gets your brand in front of a lot more people without you having to spend a dime.

A recommendation by a friend or family member is some of the best marketing that you can get for your business. People are 90% more likely to trust a brand a friend recommends. Hosting a giveaway is one way to use the power of your existing audience to help draw in a new crowd of interested users, and is one of our favorite lead generation hacks.

7. Use live chat on your website.

People love live chat, it’s just that simple. Over 60% list it as their preferred method of customer service interaction. Not only is it good to have to improve your customer service, it is a great hack for generating more leads!

Example of live chat
(Source: The Mission)

With live chat, you’re engaging with your lead in real time while they’re on your website. Better yet, you can tailor your chat experience based on where they are on your website, increasing your  chances that they’ll engage with you.

For example, you might use your chat to promote a lead magnet of yours (like the example above). You can decide on which pages to have this interaction take place, choosing related pages that ensure the offer feels relevant.

8. Make use of exit intent popups.

If you choose not to engage with your audience while they’re on your site, or if you aren’t able to capture them, try and get them right before they leave! An exit intent popup is a great hack that can help you capture tons of leads that would otherwise leave your website and possibly never return.

AddThis List Building Popup

To maximize the effectiveness of your popup, we recommend including either your lead magnet, a discount code, or other attractive deal so that a user is more likely to provide their information. If other onsite tactics don’t work, a lot of times this final offer can convince a user to provide their information or stick around a bit longer.

A/B test your pop-ups to see what works best for you. This can only help improve you lead generation efforts over time, so try various elements and see what converts best with your specific audience.

9. Take advantage of user-generated content.

Don’t feel pressured to constantly create new content –leverage the content your audience creates as well! User-generated content is a top hack for achieving several marketing goals, including lead generation. Remember what we said earlier about the power of a recommendation from a friend or family member? It can work wonders for your brand!

Example of user-generated content on Target's Instagram
(Source: Target)

Target is one of many brands that makes smart use of user-generated content, shown above. Not only does give you an additional type of content to incorporate into your social media mix, it is also incredibly effective at drawing in leads. In fact, research shows that a user is 56% more likely to purchase something after seeing a relatable customer post about it.

Regularly check your social media channels for posts from your audience and use it to help increase your leads, as well as your conversions. We recommend having a branded hashtag that you promote so users can more easily tag their photos. This will make it easier for you to find and repost them.  

10. Re-target potential leads via web push notification.

Finally, no matter how successful your efforts on-site are, at some point your audience will leave your website. That’s okay! A creative way to re-target them and encourage them to come back is via the use of web push notifications. Web push is an effective lead generation tool, since you can gain a lead easily when a user opts in to your notifications with just on click.     

(Source: Aimtell)

They don’t have to give out any personal information, confirm an email address, or click any additional links. This makes it convenient for the user, making them more likely to opt-in.

Web push can also deliver to a desktop or mobile device, and can easily help you with a variety of marketing goals. Have a form they didn’t quite finish filling out? Ask them to come back via web push. Trying to promote your lead magnet? Send out a web push campaign. It’s a great way to instantly engage your audience. Their click-through rates also tend to be much higher compared to email marketing, making them an attractive option to consider.

Wrapping Up

Lead generation is no easy task, but these 10 lead generation hacks should make your job a little bit easier. By crafting a complete strategy that includes both on-site and off-site efforts, you are sure to pull in more leads than ever. Now all that’s left to do is get started!

Ryan Esqueda is a digital marketing manager at Aimtell, a digital marketing platform that enables users to re-engage desktop and mobile website visitors with highly targeted web push notifications.