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CHECKLIST: 3 Simple Steps to Creating an Engaging Website

1 Choose a Clean, Simple Design

To keep your user engaged with your design, use these tips when selecting and creating a website design:

  • Include white space between your lines of text, around your images, and on the sides of your pages.
  • Pick a signature color as the foundation across your site, then pick one or two contrasting accent colors for important buttons and other interface elements.
  • Use as many relevant videos and images as possible; Content with visuals keeps your visitors engaged and can can double your unique users.
  • Use an attractive type that is both consistent and unique. This makes the text clear yet intriguing.

2 Make Your Website Design Usable

  • Use headers for your text, and make the rest of your content short and scannable (approximately 1,600 characters or less is ideal.)
  • Give visitors feedback based on their actions, like showing confirmation pages after they submit a form.

3 Make It Mobile-Friendly

  • Organize your content into individual “cards”.
  • Reduce the user text entry as much as possible.


Print the 3 Steps To Create an Engaging Website (PDF) checklist and start designing!

Last modified:  December 15th, 2015