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3 Simple Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment with AddThis

Did you know that nearly 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned? But there’s good news – you don’t have to completely overhaul your ecommerce store to reduce your cart abandonment. Free website tools from AddThis have been proven to reduce cart abandonment and can be setup in minutes. 


If you want to address cart abandonment, you first have to determine what causes an online shopper to abandon a cart. We did the research (ok, we found other people who did the research) and discovered the common causes of cart abandonment.


Even though a few of these factors may be hard to control, several can be easily addressed with free AddThis tools.

1. Offer Free Shipping

Shipping costs are the #1 reason shoppers abandon their carts. So, offer free shipping! Free shipping can be a major incentive to convert your shoppers into customers.

Promoting free shipping with AddThis is easy. Our Link Promotion Tool offers various ways to capture the attention of your website visitors. For alerts like free shipping, we recommend using the navigation banner that sticks to the top of your visitor’s screen while they navigate your site. You can set up targeting rules like, new or returning visitors, to personalize the experience for your site visitors.


2. Setup Exit-Intent Pop-ups

Give customers who are leaving a reason to stay!

Exit-intent pop-ups can be installed on any website page, including your shopping cart and checkout pages. It will detect when a user is about to leave the page and send a pop-up message that provides them with an incentive to complete their purchase.

Our Link Promotion Popup tool is perfect for when a visitor is about to abandon their cart. You can easily present them with a coupon or provide more information about your product to pique their interest.


3. Provide Coupons via Email

Who doesn’t love a bargain? According to Invesp, emails that contain a coupon have an open rate of more than 14%, an increase in unique clicks of 34%, and a transaction completion rate increase of 27%.


It’s important to capture a visitor’s email address so you can incentivize them to return to your site and make a purchase.

AddThis provides a few options for email collection. The most effective way to increase your email list is through the use of our List Building Slider.

Many retailers will use sliders or pop-ups to offer an incentive to join a mailing list, like an exclusive discount.


There you have it! A few easy ways to leverage AddThis free website tools to turn your shoppers into customers!

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Last modified:  April 8th, 2019