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7 Tips for Writing Copy That Converts

copy that converts

Anybody can string together keywords to create a pithy landing page or a call-to-action (CTA), but if you want to inspire, engage, and, ultimately, drive conversions, your approach needs to be a bit more thoughtful.

Thoughtful, yes—and also simple. There’s no need to use jargon or to try to be cutesy, thinking that’s what your readers want. Follow these seven tips to help you write copy that converts.

  1.  Know your audience.

It’s not all about you! It’s about your existing customers and your potential customers. If you don’t know who they are, how can you speak their language, address their pain points, and make them realize how much they need you?

If you’re new to your target market and need to develop this audience insight quickly, consider utilizing a buyer persona—a representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.

  1.  Know your medium and channel.

How are you getting your message out there? Online, print, radio—these are all examples of your medium. Your channel is where your message is received. Is your audience consuming your content on a mobile device, via a website, or from a social media platform?

Understanding medium and channel are important because they inform how you write your copy. What you write for print will be different than what you create for a Facebook post, which is different than what you’d write for a tweet. Likewise, writing copy for a website to see an uptick in your online conversions also warrants a different approach.

AddThis analytics offer an insightful breakdown of all kinds of usage, including your audiences’ popular social channels, which browsers they love, and what devices they use.

  1.  Write for your reader.

Address their pain points. Make them feel special. Personalize your message. Converse with them. What tone do your readers use? Are they casual or formal? Serious or funny? There’s no right or wrong answer. You’ll know you’re doing it right and have hit the sweet spot when your copy starts getting you more of those readers—whether they respond to humor or to a more professional tone.

  1.  Start with why.

Why are people on your site? Because you have something they need or you can help them solve a problem. Tell them why they’ve landed on the right page. Explain how the benefits of your product or service will help them. Don’t be shy. You’ve got their attention so captivate them by revealing why they want what you are offering.

  1.  Be succinct.

A college professor once told me, “Don’t use 20 words if 10 will do.” That advice still resonates with me because it forces me to be more deliberate and thoughtful when I write. Since attention spans are short these days, your copy needs to count (and convert!).

Try trimming your copy to get your key points across in as few words as possible. Keep it simple. You’ll be amazed at how liberating this exercise can be!

  1.  Use bullet points.

Ever skimmed a piece of writing only to see block after block of text and decided you couldn’t invest in reading it? Don’t make your readers feel that way!

Bulleted lists are a great way to give your copy some space and much-needed visual breathing room. Using bullets also allows you to be efficient with your words. You don’t have to write a full sentence and can use phrases with key points instead.

  1.  Include a powerful call to action.

Ask for the sale—and put a deadline on it! Add a cutoff date to create a sense of urgency. FOMO is real! Prompt your reader along by providing a clear, immediate call-to-action (CTA).

Be brief, but powerful. Your CTA should focus on an action you want your reader to take—register or download, for example—and make it obvious. Consider a design element around your CTA, such as a button, to make it easier for your reader to understand what to do. The AddThis Link Promotion Tool is great for this exact scenario.

Implement these tips and make sure you are monitoring your conversions. It will be fun to watch them grow!


Last modified:  February 22nd, 2018