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How to Install AddThis Code on a Blogger Mobile Template

If you use a separate mobile template for viewing your website on mobile devices, there are a few additional steps in order to add the code to your mobile template as well.

Note: If you haven’t yet added the AddThis code to your main Blogger template for viewing on desktop devices, you’ll want to complete the steps in this article first.

Assuming that you’ve already completed the steps mentioned from the previously mentioned article, these are the steps for also adding the code to your mobile template.

  1. Within Blogger, click ​Template within the left menu.
  2. Click Edit HTML under Live on Blog.
  3. Search for “AddThis” within the code. It may be helpful to use use CTRL+F or Command+F for searching.
  4. Add mobile=’yes’ after ‘AddThis’
  5. ​​Click Save template
  6. Click ​Template within the left menu.
  7. Click the gear icon under the Mobile template.
  8. Click the drop down arrow below where it says Choose mobile template.
  9. Click Custom from the list.
  10. Click Save.

You should be able to activate many of your AddThis tools in the Tool Gallery by clicking Setup next to the tool you want to configure.

Last modified:  May 3rd, 2018