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AddThis Analytics Glossary

This is a collection of terms used in the AddThis analytics dashboard.


Unique traffic back to your site from an AddThis share.


The number of times that a website visitor clicked your Link Promotion tool or provided their email in your List Building tool over a given period of time.


An export of a particular set of data in a spreadsheet format.

Device and Platform

In the Desktop tab, this specifies the top computers and browsers used by visitors to your website. In the Mobile tab, this specifies the phone or tablet and the operating system used by visitors to your website.

Direct Traffic

Visits to your site from users typing your website URL directly into their browser.


Clicks to social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn via the AddThis Follow tool.


A unique user who shared a URL, and that URL subsequently brought traffic back to the website.


A way to organize analytics data and tool settings for separate websites or website sections within the same account. Profiles also include configuration options like blocked domains, custom email templates, and other settings.


A website or blog owner who has installed AddThis tools on a website, or in an application.


Unique traffic back to your site from an AddThis share.

Referring Domains

Traffic that came to your site from another website, including search traffic like Google and Bing.


AddThis supported destinations where URLs can be shared.


Submission of a URL to a supported AddThis service.


A unique user who shares a URL to a supported AddThis service. If that shared URL brings traffic back to your site, that Sharer is considered an Influencer.

Social Sources

Traffic to your website from social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Top Campaigns

Campaigns in your AddThis dashboard come from any URL on your site with a UTM campaign name parameter that received traffic.

Top Content

The pages on your site with the most page views, shares, or clicks over a given period of time.

Top Referring Domains

The websites, other than your own, that send the highest number of visits to your site.

Top Social Sources

The social services that the highest number of visits to your site come from.

Top Tool Types

Your AddThis tools that receive the most interactions from your website visitors.


The total number of sessions your website experienced over a given period of time. Visits can only be tracked on pages with the AddThis script installed. Each AddThis session expires after 30 minutes.


A unique domain, sub-domain or blog using AddThis sharing tools.

If you have any questions about the information or terms in your Analytics dashboard, please contact our dedicated support team. We’re happy to help!