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AddThis Analytics Overview

AddThis analytics allow you to track how, where, and by whom your content is being shared. In addition, our analytics show follow activity, related posts performance, visits, and conversions.

The sharing reports are designed to give you powerful statistics on sharing trends in real-time and over the last 24 hours, including:

  • What content is being shared and driving traffic back to your site
  • How visitors are sharing, including address bar copy/pasting
  • Sharing breakdown by mobile and desktop
  • Detailed analysis of your audience
  • Email alerts when important changes occur


How to Share Your Analytics Reports

AddThis Profiles make it easy to share analytics reports and other configuration settings with team members or clients. Now, each team member or client can have their own AddThis account, and share the same analytics data.

Learn more about setting up and sharing analytics reports using AddThis Profiles.

Not Getting Analytics?

If you installed AddThis in the past and didn’t register, you’re missing out on powerful reporting that can help you improve your strategy. Learn how to start getting analytics.

Report Descriptions

Let’s take a closer look at each of the available reports.

Visits Activity

This first report shows how many visits you’ve received to your website from AddThis website tools, where they came from, and if a specific campaign helped drive them there.



Sharing Trends

This report shows which pages are being shared most frequently, and which are bringing the most traffic back to your site by tracking shares and social clicks. 



 Follow Activity

The follow activity report shows the number of new followers you’ve gained on social media via AddThis Follow Tools. This includes your top services and content.



Related Posts Details

This report takes a closer look at your top performing related posts. You can track which pages are getting the most clicks, and see your top related posts tool type.




The conversion section of our analytics shows how your targeting tools are performing, including the number of views each rule has received and the total number of clicks.


Last but not least, every Monday, we send a digest of your AddThis analytics activity straight to your inbox. The digest provides you with a recap of the performance of your site in the last week and other fun data highlights.


For more information about our weekly digest, visit our Email Overview Article.

Ready to check out the analytics for your AddThis website tools? Login to your dashboard now!


Last modified:  November 21st, 2018