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AddThis Guide for Social Media Managers

AddThis Guide for Social Media Managers

If you’re a Social Media Manager, you know the job involves much more than posting content on various social media channels. It’s about getting people to engage with your content. AddThis provides all the tools to make this a simple, seamless experience that includes actionable data for moving forward with your strategy.

AddThis Guide for Social Media Managers

Tools to use

AddThis offers five online tools you can customize to your preference. Our most popular tools for Social Media Managers include:

  • Share buttons that allow visitors to share your content to 220+ social networks. This will increase referral traffic and overall performance of your website. Here are some examples of our most popular Share buttons:


  • Follow buttons make it easy for your users to follow your brand on the different social channels. This will enhance your brand identity and awareness. Here are some Follow buttons in action:

  • Link promotion pushes social media through popups, banners, and sliders. It helps you promote the right link at the right time. Here are a couple options:

To utilize our tools to maximize their capabilities, start with installing code on your site.  Watch this helpful tutorial:

After code is successfully installed on your page, select the first tool you want to appear on your site:

  • Share and Follow buttons are a great starting point to ensure your visitors can easily share your content and follow you on your social media channels.

Monitor social activity using AddThis analytics dashboard

Your analytics dashboard lets you track which services people share to the most, helping you to easily pinpoint where you should spend your time.

  • Monitor share spikes
    • See what content does the best
    • Help plan future posts: write similar articles, repurpose past articles, etc.
  • Monitor time of day
    • Determine which day your audience is the most active with your preferred channels and what time of day to push out content for maximum engagement.

Weekly analytics emails

Every Monday, we send a digest of your AddThis analytics activity straight to your inbox. The digest provides a recap of your site’s performance in the last week and other fun data highlights.

We also offer helpful documentation on how to best use your AddThis tools and ways to get the support you need for anything from installation to customization.


Inserting yourself into as many social media support and tactic channels as possible is extremely important for Social Media Managers. You expand your knowledge base and growth potential substantially, and also gain insight from a third party who may benefit your company more than you imagined. So, why not start your knowledge expansion with us? We promise we won’t let you down!

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