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Benefits of AMP for Email

Benefits of AMP for Email graphic

Several years ago, Google released AMP, its open-source initiative aimed at creating faster-loading content on the web. And while you might be well-versed in the topic by now (hopefully you know that AMP can be implemented for email!), do you know how much of a game-changer developing interactive emails and using AMP for Email really is?

AMP for Email turns emails from fixed documents into experiences akin to websites. And for marketers who want to push the boundaries of their customer experience through email marketing, we’ve put together a deep dive as to what this initiative can do for your business and your relationship with your customers.

Keep Content Up-To-Date

Email shelf life is short. Why? Because once an email is sent out, the contents of it can’t be changed or updated. To combat this, companies typically send out a lot of emails—roughly 1.47 million emails per month—giving their customers more information, updated links, and additional resources. And yet, we as marketers still send out multiple emails to our clients because we know how effective they are: 65% of marketers rated the dynamic content in email as their most effective personalization tactic.

But with AMP for Email, this method has drastically changed. AMP for email allows content to be refreshed in real-time, constantly providing the most up-to-date information to audiences.

Gone are the days of needing to send a correction email, providing multiple emails for shipment numbers and tracking, or adding new event information. With AMP for Email, developers can go into the components of the already-sent email and adjust the information as often as needed.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Additionally, with interactive emails being one of the hottest trends in email marketing, AMP for email is a turning point for ecommerce businesses. Consider that now, a customer can go through the entire buyer’s journey without ever leaving their email—scrolling through products they’re interested in, placing them in their cart, and checking out, all in the same email.  

With the notion that customers can take any action right away—purchase a product, respond to a survey, RSVP for an event, etc.—the ease for customers has the potential to reduce cart abandonment rates for businesses.

Why People Ditch Their Carts

That said, a complicated checkout process is the reason 28% of people abandon their carts, and slow and error-filled websites lead to 20% of people abandoning. If these elements are removed from the process, the likelihood that your customers will move forward with the sale increases by 48%.

But if your customer falls into the other 52%, a strong and unique abandoned cart email (think: interactive), can save the day. Half of the recipients who open and engage with the email they receive will complete their purchase. So what if that email was unique and specialized to them?

Take a look at these emails Nest, Home Depot, and Taco Bell sent. They show how you can make your emails unique by enabling customers to scroll through ratings and reviews, click on interactive items, and take the creativity to the next level.

One Version Fits All

Another great thing about AMP for Email is that it doesn’t require a separate email delivery system. If the recipients’ email service doesn’t support AMP for Email, the message is automatically rendered as a standard HTML email. This means that there’s no need for you to create separate emails and determine whose email will support AMP and whose won’t.

To create and test your emails, Google provides a guide here. But you can also outsource email to services like SparkPost to create your AMP emails and compare engagement rates between traditional HTML email and your new AMPHTML emails.


Ready to get started? We have an on AMP that you can find here to answer any additional questions you might have. Then once your site is up and running, learn about using our share tools to help grow your site!