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Case Study: Charity Navigator Tripled Sessions to Their Blog After Launching AddThis

Case Study: Charity Navigator Tripled Sessions to Their Blog After Launching AddThis

Charity Navigator is America’s largest independent charity evaluator, providing free ratings of the Financial Health and Accountability & Transparency of thousands of charities.

They also trust the AddThis tools on their website. Sara Nason, Charity Navigator’s Marketing Manager describes how the AddThis plugins have been a crucial part of their user experience:

“As a site with a large amount of real estate to direct users to different portions of our site, Charity Navigator uses AddThis as a crucial tool to provide a variety of resources, to sign users up to our email lists, and to enable sharing of content across a plethora of outlets. AddThis is integral to our user flow and is quite often our first step to redirect users to resources that best suit their needs, like tips for giving during the holiday season or how to avoid being scammed.”

Not only is AddThis a seamless part of their user flow, but Charity Navigator saw their blog traffic triple after installing our Share Buttons.

“AddThis has opened up the possibilities with how our organization connects with our broader audience. As a charity itself, we have to be dynamic on a very small budget. AddThis has overwhelmingly changed the way our users interact with our blog, close to tripling our blog traffic almost immediately after launching the slider tool.”

Sara loves the flexibility of working with the AddThis tools and along with the tripling of traffic, direct referrals to Charity Navigator are up 258%:

“AddThis is one of our favorite tools at Charity Navigator — we can ensure that different users are interacting with content we consider the most crucial at a certain time, as well as design specific responsive tools that build our email lists or allow our users to share our content with their own network. The flexibility that AddThis has provided us enabled a drastic behavior shift with email address sign-ups as well as a 170% increase in page views on our blog. We saw direct referrals from our site to the blog from July to now increase by 258%!

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Last modified:  September 29th, 2018