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Email and Content Marketing

What is AMP for Email?

By now you’ve (most likely) heard of AMP. You’ve installed our share buttons for AMP (right?). You’ve read up on AMP for WordPress. AMP has been such an efficient initiative for the web community that it’s only fitting that the internet’s most common communication medium is now getting its own revamp. So what is AMP … Continue reading What is AMP for Email?

Google Snippets Best Practices

How to Measure SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), measurable results are critical to success. But the marketing discipline does not end when you get to page one or a thousand clicks per day. SEO professionals continuously look at metrics to adjust, refine, or even overhaul strategies. Because while metrics are important, how these numbers translate … Continue reading How to Measure SEO (Search Engine Optimization)