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Increase Audience Engagement

8 Ways to create a positive digital customer experience

Back in the day, creating a positive customer experience largely came down to providing friendly and helpful service when consumers showed up in-store. These face-to-face interactions played a big part in communicating a brand’s values and building customer loyalty, even in a chain retail setting. Of course, digital retail brands generally don’t necessarily have the … Continue reading 8 Ways to create a positive digital customer experience

how to become data driven marketer

How to Become a Data-Driven Marketer

What does it mean to be a data-driven marketer? Learn how you can start using your own website data to start driving your marketing decisions.

Marketing 101: Bounce Rates

  For more information about bounce rates, read 10 Ways to Lower Your Bounce Rates. What is a Bounce Rate? Your bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who arrived at your website and then left before clicking to another page. When a person visits your site and leaves without visiting any other pages in the … Continue reading Marketing 101: Bounce Rates