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Custom Message Events

AddThis Custom Messages dispatch events that you may use for customizing your user’s experience or for use within your own web analytics. The events are dispatched after certain actions on the page, such as when the Custom Message is shown or when a user clicks a button. Each callback is executed in the context of … Continue reading Custom Message Events

HTTP to HTTPS: How Share Counts Are Affected

Update: As of August 17, 2018, AddThis sharing buttons will automatically request the share count numbers for the HTTP and HTTPS version of a URL from social networks that support share counts. The share count displayed with your buttons will be the sum of all share counts for a page, before and after the HTTPS switch. If you have already installed the workaround code below on … Continue reading HTTP to HTTPS: How Share Counts Are Affected

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10 Ways to Lower Your Bounce Rates

Note: To start with the fundamentals of bounce rates, read Marketing 101: Understanding Bounce Rates.  Here’s our best practical advice for how can you improve your bounce rate. Not all of these suggestions will be relevant for every website, but doing all you can to lower your bounce rate will contribute greatly towards increasing the overall … Continue reading 10 Ways to Lower Your Bounce Rates