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CHECKLIST: Content Creation

Creating an effective content strategy is one of the best ways to increase visitors to your website and, ultimately, convert them to customers. This handy checklist takes the guesswork out of content creation so you can streamline your process and focus on getting results.

☐Know Your Audience

☐ Identify the target audience for your product or service.
☐ Collect and analyze data on your visitors.
☐ Find out what your current and potential customers want.

☐Create Content that Fits Your Business

☐ Define your value proposition.
☐ Brainstorm content topics that are aligned with your value proposition.
☐ Use your content to become a go-to resource in your industry.

☐ Set Your Content Goals

☐ Determine your goals and metrics for success.
☐ Consistently monitor your content’s performance.
☐ Learn from both successes and failures.

☐ Optimize Your Content to Meet Your Goals

☐ Optimize for search.
☐ Optimize for conversions
☐ Optimize for social media,
☐ Optimize for email sign-ups
☐ Optimize for website interaction.

Print this content creation checklist and measure your content creation efforts against it. For more information, read 4 Steps to Creating Great Content that Delivers.

Last modified:  December 15th, 2015