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CHECKLIST: Turn Your Site Visitors into Brand Advocates

If you want to get the word out about your product, you need to find and nurture your brand advocates.

Brand advocates are your loyal users—the ones who sing your praises in online reviews, on social media, and over coffee with friends and family. This checklist outlines simple ways to turn your website’s first-time visitors into brand advocates.

☐ Personalize Your Website Experience

☐ Create Customized Landing Pages
☐ Curate a “Best of” Section
☐ Target Relevant Messages to New and Returning Visitors Using the AddThis Audience Targeting Rules and Interest Targeting
☐ Suggest Related Content Using the AddThis Related Posts Tool

☐ Showcase New and Popular Content

☐ Highlight New Content
☐ Keep Popular Content in Heavy Rotation
☐ Emphasize Highly Shared Content

☐ Create a Good User Experience (UX)

☐ Keep Your Design Clean and Simple
☐ Make Your Site User-Friendly and Easy to Navigate

☐ Engage Your Visitors via Email

☐ Collect Email Signups Through Your Website
☐ Communicate Regularly Through Email
☐ Offer Perks to Email Subscribers

☐ Reward Your Brand Advocates

☐ Recognize Brand Advocates on Your Website or Through Social Media
☐ Start a Referral Program
☐ Implement a Loyalty Program

Developing and maintaining relationships with brand advocates is an effective way to grow your business through word-of-mouth.

Download the Turning Visitors in Brand Advocates checklist and click to read 5 Ways to Turn a Visitor into a Brand Advocate for more tips, advice and examples of good marketing strategy.

Last modified:  August 4th, 2016