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Data Freshness in the AddThis Analytics Dashboard

Data comes into the AddThis analytics system and is exposed through interactive reports, APIs, and other channels. Each channel has a policy with respect to how often incoming data is updated.

Analytics Reports

Reports that use the 24-hour view will update every 5 minutes and will contain data as recent as 10-20 minutes ago. Reports for daily periods like “last week” will update nightly, at approximately midnight eastern time, and may take up to 24 hours to appear.

Analytics API

Data in the analytics API will update with the same frequency as the analytics console.

Content Feeds

Content feeds that use a one day period will update hourly. The week and month content feeds will update nightly, at approximately midnight eastern time.

Share Counts

Our share counts are cached to improve page load speed. When a user shares, the counter in their browser will increment immediately. Share counters for other users will update based on how often that page is shared – as soon as 10 seconds for high sharing pages or up to 10 minutes later for low sharing pages.

Live Views

Events typically show up in the live views within 10 seconds of their occurrence.

Last modified:  November 17th, 2015