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AddThis Analytics Glossary

This is a collection of terms used in the AddThis analytics reports.


All or a subset of the unique users for a website who viewed, shared, or clicked back from shared pages.

Audience Profile

A breakdown of your site’s audience into three types: all sharers (any unique user who shared content), influencers (unique sharers whose shares brought traffic back to your site) and clickers (unique users who clicked on shared content and were brought back to your site.)


Unique traffic back to your site from a shared URL.


A unique user who clicked on a shared URL, and was subsequently brought back to your website.


Clicks to social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn via the AddThis Follow tool.


A unique user who shared shared a URL, and that URL subsequently brought traffic (“clickers”) back to the website.


A topic that your a subset of your audience cares about, as measured by behaviors such as the number of times a unique user visited sites about that topic. Note that this information is collected in aggregate, and is never identified with a particular person.

Interest Comparison

How much the top interests for your site vary in proportion, compared to the average interest “blend” across all sites. As an example, if you author a blog about technology, the proportion of visitors to your site who are interested in Computer & Technology will tend to be higher than average.

Interest Intensity

The degree to which a unique user is interested in a given topic, as measured by behaviors such as the number of times he or she visited sites about that topic.


Profiles allow publishers to organize and share AddThis analytics data with team members or clients. Profiles also include configuration options like blocked domains, custom email templates and other settings.


A website or blog owner who has installed AddThis tools on a website, or in an application.

Referring Domains

Domains that brought users to your site, who then subsequently shared content.

Referring Searches

Searches that brought users to your site, who then subsequently shared content.


AddThis-supported destinations where URLs can be shared.


Submission of a URL to a supported AddThis service.


A unique user who shares a URL to a supported AddThis service. If that shared URL brings traffic back to your site, that Sharer is considered an Influencer.

Social Mentions

Additional social activity around a URL such as Facebook Likes and Twitter Tweets.


A summary based on the total number of some value such as shares or unique users. For lists of Top Content, we use a sampling strategy that can sometimes result in slight differences between counts, particularly for very large numbers of shares.

Top Interests

The interests shared by the largest number of unique users visiting your site, broken into groups of increasing degree of interest, or “Interest Intensity”.

Top Keywords

The most frequently appearing search keywords that brought unique users to your site, who then subsequently shared your content.

“Viral” Content

A page is flagged as “Viral” if it has brought back more traffic (“Clicks”) than the number of times it was shared.

Viral Lift

Total percentage increase in traffic due to shares and clicks.


A unique domain, sub-domain or blog using AddThis sharing tools.

AddThis Analytics Glossary
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Last modified:  November 17th, 2015