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[Free Ebook] 25 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips to Increase Sales

25 Conversion Rate Optimization TIps to Increase Revenue

The ecommerce industry is continually evolving. Just like a brick-and-mortar shop, your online store also needs to provide a seamless experience for your shoppers. Make it as easy as possible for them to find what they’re looking for and make a purchase.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to work with BigCommerce and WP Engine to compile a list of go-to tips you can use to help optimize your conversion rates and boost your sales. In the ebook, we included ways you can:

  • Gain valuable customer feedback
  • Polish your website navigation
  • Make your homepage an open door
  • Beef up your product pages
  • Improve in-store search
  • Easily capture leads
  • Use intuitive content management systems

These are all actionable tasks you can implement immediately.

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Keep reading for a full list of the tips that are included in the ebook.

25 Tactics You Can Do Right Now to Optimize Your Conversion Rates

The full ebook includes 25 conversion rate optimization tips that our teams at AddThis, BigCommerce, and WP Engine pulled together based on our experience working with millions of brands. Each of the tips is proven to work and we recommend trying them for yourself.

Here’s the full list:

Gain valuable customer feedback

  • Survey website visitors
  • Survey your customers
  • Tap social followers
  • Implement live chat
  • Encourage reviews

Polish your website navigation

  • Keep yourself out of the picture
  • Use heatmapping and avoid assumptions
  • Create categories based on search
  • Sort categories by popularity

Make your homepage an open door

  • Feature top-sellers
  • Use “Add to Cart” buttons
  • Include a carousel slider
  • Highlight important information
  • Keep “the fold” in mind
  • Take a five-second test

Beef up your product pages

  • Craft product descriptions that sell
  • Provide original content on your product pages
  • Take captivating product images
  • Showcase product videos
  • Make your prices clearly visible
  • Include charts and calculators
  • Use out-of-stock notifications

Improve your in-store search

  • Make sure your search function is displayed
  • Test for accuracy
  • Implement auto-suggestions


  • Capture leads on your website
  • Use an open-source content management system

What to do next with all these tips

Depending on your resources and time, we understand that not everything listed is feasible or practical for every online store.

The key takeaway is to find out what works best for your site. Keep refining the tactics that work well and drop the ones that aren’t providing the return you’re looking for.

We hope the tips listed in this ebook help you boost sales for your online store. Good luck!

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Last modified:  July 15th, 2019