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[Free Ebook] The Ultimate Guide to AMP

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AMP has had a sweeping, positive effect on user experience across the web. This alternative framework for HTML enables web pages to load almost instantaneously.

And when almost half of consumers expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less, speed and reliability are crucial.

So, that’s why we’re excited to work with AMP, Cloudflare, and SparkPost on this comprehensive AMP guide. In this ebook, you’ll find the steps and tips you need to get started with your AMP site. It covers:

  • What AMP is
  • How AMP works
  • The benefits of AMP
  • How to get started
  • Using AMP for WordPress
  • Customizing your AMP page
  • How to use AMP for Email

Get your free copy of our Ultimate Guide to AMP ebook!

Who Should Read this Ebook

This comprehensive guide includes relevant information for those:

  • Building a site from scratch using AMP
  • Converting HTML pages to AMP
  • Using the AMP for WordPress plugin
  • Interested in using AMP for Email

You can also use the stats and case studies noted in the ebook as a way to gain buy-in from your stakeholders.

Why Read this Ebook

The Ultimate Guide to AMP will help you lay the right foundation to elevate your website’s user experience and page-load speed to a noticeable degree. In fact, Times of India increased their traffic by 6X and improved their page-load speed by almost 4X after implementing AMP.

Overall, we’re thrilled to see what AMP has in store for the future of the web. And we hope this ebook helps you improve your website and contributes to your bottom line. Good luck!

Get your free copy of our Ultimate Guide to AMP ebook!