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Getting Started with the Website Tools Analytics Dashboard

AddThis offers several different analytics reports to help you understand how your visitors are sharing your content:

  • Summary Report: displays highlights from all available reports
  • Sharing Trends: compares all content that has been shared
  • Related Posts Details: provides detailed information about a particular page
  • Visits and Conversions: learn how many people have come to your site , how they got there and if they converted.

You can also access your AddThis sharing stats via Google Analytics and our Analytics API.

Report Descriptions

Let’s take a closer look at each of the available reports.

Analytics Summary

This first report summarizes the most important information about how AddThis is helping you grow traffic and followers. It includes a view of shares, traffic and follows over time, as well as top sharing destinations, traffic sources and a look at how your site is performing on mobile devices. You can view your top content sorted several different ways, and understand how tools such as a Sharing Buttons or Audience Targeting Rule are helping to distribute content and convert visitors.

Sharing Trends

This report shows which pages are being shared most frequently, and which are bringing the most traffic back to your site by tracking shares and social clicks.

Related Posts Details


This report takes a closer look at your top performing content, how it is being shared and how much traffic it is bringing back to your site.

Visits and Conversions

The visits section of the dashboard shows how many visits you’ve received in your site from the tools, where they came from, and if a specific campaign helped drive them there. The conversions section of the site gives you a teaser into the  more detailed version of the Audience Targeting Rules dashboard.


Getting Started with the Website Tools Analytics Dashboard
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