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GUIDE: AddThis Share Buttons

Updated on April 17, 2019.

Get more shares and likes with AddThis share buttons! These easy-to-implement social sharing buttons will help you distribute content and increase site traffic—giving your business a boost across multiple social networks.

How Share Buttons Help to Grow Your Website

1 Enables others to easily share great stuff from your site.

At their most basic level, share buttons allow your website visitors to share what they like via social media—be it content, products or services. The easier it is to share, the more likely users will do so.

2 Helps you to grow your social media footprint.

As a business owner with competing priorities, it’s hard to devote a significant amount of time to expand your social media footprint. With share buttons, you can let your audience establish it for you. The more conversations happening about your brand across social media sites, the more likes, followers, and shares you’ll receive—giving your content authority and making new visitors view your brand more positively.

3 Increases website traffic.

If a user shares a link to your content on social media, through email, or via a messaging app, it’ll be seen by their friends and/or followers. Those users are more likely to click on a link recommended by someone they know and trust. If the content resonates with them, they’ll be more likely to share with their friends and family. That’s how great content goes viral.

4 Increases brand awareness and creates brand loyalists.

Social media is a great channel for increasing brand awareness. Individuals, who may have never heard of you before, can easily be exposed to your brand through their networks. And if they like what they see, they’re more likely to try out your products or services and become brand loyalists.

5 Provides you with analytics.

The AddThis Dashboard gives you details on how your content is performing across social networks. Based on that information, you can focus your efforts on what’s working with your audience.

6 Acts as a form of social proof.

Social proof is when people make decisions based on what they perceive to be the “correct” behavior for a given situation. As people increasingly share their experiences with products and services online, others make decisions based on those experiences. With AddThis share buttons, visitors can see if a piece of content is getting shared a lot. The higher the share count, the higher the perceived value—which in turn, makes users more likely to share it. By making your most popular content available, you’re showing first-time visitors your best examples of social proof.

What AddThis Share Buttons Offer

1 Placement Flexibility

AddThis share buttons give you the flexibility to place your share buttons where it makes the most sense. Whether you want your share buttons to display horizontally across the top or vertically along each side, that’s completely up to you.

2 Customization

AddThis share button customization allows you to match the look and feel of your website with custom colors (available with an AddThis Pro account), button shapes and more.

3 Integrations with 200+ Services (Facebook, Twitter and more)

Get your content seen on both the popular and the niche sites related to your industry. You can choose which sharing buttons show up, or even personalize them for each user based on his or her social media history.

4 Mobile-Friendly Responsive Design

The AddThis Sidebar Share Buttons come with the option to turn on or off mobile configuration. You can choose colors, placement, services and even specify the responsive width. AddThis Inline and Expanding Share Buttons automatically adjust for all mobile devices.

5 Elegant

AddThis share buttons offer a unique yet recognizable sharing experience for your website visitors. With beautiful, easily identifiable buttons for each social network, visitors will immediately understand how to use them.

Start growing your audience—and your business—today with AddThis share buttons. It’s easy to install, easy to use, and easy to measure success.

Last modified:  April 17th, 2019