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How to Add the Website Tip Jar to Your Site

Need to boost your bottom line, but don’t want to rely only on ad revenue? The Website Tip Jar makes it free and easy to collect tips and donations online from your visitors. Connect your site to popular payment platforms like PayPal.Me, AmazonSmile, Patreon, Venmo, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does AddThis handle the transactions?
    No, AddThis connects your visitors to the respective payment platform, but all transactions are handled by the platforms themselves.
  2. How much does the Website Tip Jar cost?
    It’s free! AddThis does not charge any service or registration fees (though individual payment platforms may have their own associated costs).
  3. My payment platform isn’t on your list, what can I do?
    Let us know! We’re looking to include more services, so send us an email.
  4. Where on my site should I put these buttons?
    We suggest placing them “above the fold” on your most important pages, and across other pages you consistently promote or drive traffic to, like your blog. Placing them above the fold means your visitors won’t have to scroll to see them. Check out the rest of our Website Tip Jar best practices, including what to include in your CTA and more.
  5. How can I give feedback or report a glitch?
    If you have a great idea, want to give our product team some feedback, or need to report a problem, email and we’ll get right on it.

How to Get Started

1. Register for AddThis or login to your existing account.

2. Go to your AddThis dashboard and click “Tools” in the top navigation bar.

select tools

3. Select “Website Tip Jar” on the Select a Tool page.

select website tip jar

4. Choose which payment services you want to display and add your payment URL or user ID. Not sure what these are or where to find them? Check out these instructions for help.

website tip jar payment selector

Note: You need an account with the payment service(s) you select in order to receive funds.

5. Add a title that will appear above your buttons. We recommend a call-to-action that will encourage your visitors to give. Check out our Website Tip Jar best practices for more information.

website tip jar button title

6. Customize your button design.

7. Click “Save & Continue” at the bottom of the tool configurator.

8. Add the AddThis code to your website.

Note: You’ll be prompted with instructions on how to add the AddThis code to your site after you click “Save and Continue” in the tool configurator. This includes what to do with the extra line of code necessary to fully activate your inline Website Tip Jar buttons.

Ta-da! (Or should we say “cha-ching”?) You’re ready to start collecting tips and donations.

If you need an extra hand with installing the Website Tip Jar on your site, you can reach our support team directly by clicking here to email us at

Last modified:  April 18th, 2017