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How to Design Your Email CTA Button for More Clicks

As you already know, email is among the most effective ecommerce tools to boost sales and influence the overall conversion of your marketing endeavors. The reasons for this are many, but here go top three:

  • Email remains the #1 communication tool for most people: 85% of adults and 78% of teenagers use it and consider it a “fact of everyday life.”
  • Email drives more sales if compared with social media: 60% of consumers say they make a purchase after they get a marketing message by email; more than that, 44% admit they check emails for a deal from a brand.
  • Email is the #1 source of ROI for 59% of marketers.

Personalized and targeted, your ecommerce email has all chances to engage consumers, make them open and read it, and get them interested in purchasing from you. And while powerful subject lines are responsible for open rates and your offer with a surplus value — for holding their interest, it’s a CTA button in your email what gets them to click and therefore skyrocket conversions and sales.

Unlike in cold email templates, where subject lines and body copies matter, a CTA is the most significant part of your e-commerce message because it influences a reader’s decision: to click and buy from you or just close this email and move it to Trash. And that is why every element — from a button’s form and color to its placement and the text on it — matters if you want this CTA to work.

When done right, a great CTA button has a major impact on your email marketing ROI: it guides consumers through the sales funnel, generates new leads, and brings sales, influencing your ecommerce business in general.

Okay, that’s all very well but…

How to make your ecommerce email CTA button great?

1. Make It a Button

Your email CTA can be an image, a linked text, or an HTML-based button. But the top email campaigns and case studies prove: HTML buttons work best, creating you about a 45% boost in clicks.

It happens because some people disable images in emails, so they won’t see your CTA if you make it a picture. Also, it’s all about psychology: most of us consider links in emails spam, so your consumers might ignore it. HTML buttons are easier to control when designing your email copy: using it, you’ll know what it will look like in different browsers and be able to edit it, change its location, size, add shades and gradient if relevant, etc.

2. Consider Its Size

Sure enough, your ecommerce email copy will have others links and images; so you might want to make that #1 CTA stand out. After all, it’s not about building an email list but selling to them, right?


It stands to reason that a button and a text on it should stand out. But bigger doesn’t equal better: when aggressively large, your CTA may decrease clicks; so you need to find a sweet spot between “too big” and “too small.” Make it noticeably larger than the email’s text, touch-friendly for mobile users (according to Apple, it should be a minimum of 44×44 pixels), and bright enough for consumers to identify.

3. Use the Right Text

A text on your ecommerce CTA button matters not less and sometimes more than its size and color. Make it action-oriented and, at the same time, teasing: consumers should understand what benefits they’ll receive by clicking.

  • Forget those boring “click here,” “enter,” “submit,” etc. — they are just instructions that have nothing to do with your specific offer.
  • Influence people with language tricks marketers use and consider compelling verbs like “get,” “try,” “order,” “buy,” “go shopping,” etc.

Also, keep the text short (two or three words is best) and large enough to read easily. And make sure your CTA button corresponds to where the consumers are in the sales funnel. Thus, it’s irrational to send a “Buy Now” button in the welcome newsletter just after subscription; “Tell Us More” would be more relevant here.

Remember: wrong segmentation and misleading subscribers are among the top 13 mistakes in email marketing.

Another tip from Unbounce: try changing your email CTA button text to the first person. For example, write “Get my book!” instead of “Get your book!” Such an experiment resulted in a 90% click increase for them; so if your product and brand tone of voice allows, give it a try.

4. Remember About Colors and Proper Place for It

You already know that the right color palette matters for your brand identity. The same goes for CTA buttons in your ecommerce emails: they may resonate with your brand colors, but it should also be bright enough so a reader could instinctively understand where to click.

Given that different colors evoke different emotions, experts still dispute about the best color for a CTA button in emails. Some insist it’s orange, others stand for green. But whatever color you choose, depending on emotions you want to evoke and actions you plan to inspire, remember about the contrast:

A CTA button of your ecommerce email should stand out. But don’t reuse it elsewhere: follow the “one email = one CTA” rule. And make sure it’s eye-catching but not distracting: for that, locate it like a boss.

  • Place it right-hand of your email text and images, if your most consumers are desktop users. For mobile, the upper-left corner is the best option.
  • Place it “above the fold” so readers who don’t scroll emails could still see it.

5. Add White Space and Click Triggers

Click triggers are elements helping to convince consumers that your CTA is worth pursuing. It can be any kind of social proofs: testimonials, rating, guarantees, etc. It may want to surround the CTA with these triggers, but make sure they don’t “eat” the white space of your email.

White space is a significant design element, and placing it around email CTA buttons is a must. It separates and groups all elements, creating a visual break for readers and making a CTA stand out. And when speaking about mobile users, white space in your ecommerce email will create an extra clear area for fingers to click.

Long Story Short…

To influence the email click-through rate, pay extra attention to a CTA button design. Its size, color, placement in the email body, and a text on it — all matters for the overall success of your ecommerce email marketing campaign.

Moreover, make sure your CTA button looks and works well on different devices, both desktop and mobile, that consumers may use to open your sales emails.

Also, you may want to follow the latest email marketing trends and try adding the interactive CTA, as well as other interactive elements, to your e-commerce emails. That will help to engage more people, trigger actions from them, and get some feedback on how well your email marketing campaign performs in general.

Author Bio: Lesley Vos is a content strategist at She also works as a freelance writer, contributing content to publications on business, digital marketing, and self-growth. Feel free to check Lesley’s portfolio here.

Last modified:  July 15th, 2019