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How to Grow Your Email List Using AddThis

Email marketing continues to be one of the most popular and effective engagement strategies among ecommerce. In fact, more than 80 percent of survey respondents indicated that email marketing was their number one tool for driving both acquisition and retention. With an ROI of 3,800 percent, it’s no surprise that online retailers continue to invest heavily in email marketing. However, with so many sites bombarding users with a seemingly endless barrage of sign-up requests, it’s becoming difficult to a) stand out, and b) not come off as annoying or desperate.

In this article, we’ll explore a few quick and easy ways you can tastefully stand out from the crowd with your on-site email collection efforts using AddThis ecommerce tools.

Prioritize returning visitors

Did you know that returning visitors are 10X more likely to provide an email address compared to new visitors? Furthermore, repeat customers have a 60–70 percent chance of conversion compared to a standard 1–3 percent industry average! That’s not to say you should ignore your new visitor and put all your eggs in the returning-visitor basket, but rather, your email collection efforts should focus on those who are more familiar with your brand and, as a result, be more likely to convert.


Utilize the AddThis List Building tool to target returning visitors with a call to action asking for an email address. And always be sure to harness the power of AddThis online behavioral data and align the creative and copy with visitors’ interests using the audience functionality. While this may require creating multiple messages to cover a broad spectrum of interests, the personal touch will go a long way toward boosting conversions.

Harness the power of social validation

Social validation by definition is “a psychological phenomenon where one or more passive individuals follow or conform to the actions of others within a group. In a psychological context, one or more people set an example of behavior, and their experience leads a second group of one or more people to follow suit.” This theory can be applied to your email lead-generation strategy by simply looking at visitors’ referral paths. If they arrive via a product page or article shared by a friend, chances are they’re interested in your brand or trust the judgment and taste of their friend. Use this as an opportunity to ask them to sign up to ensure they don’t miss out on sales, promotions, or new and interesting products or content.

Sweeten the pot with a limited-time promotion


With our List Buiding tool, it’s easy to turn on and off specific promotions when needed. For example, run a giveaway to collect email addresses; then turn it off with just the click of a button. No need to get a web developer to create a custom popup every time you want to give your email list a bump.

Provide multiple opportunities

Different users will be willing to provide their email addresses at different stages, so allow them the opportunity to choose their own adventures with various design options.


With popups, sliders, and banners, our email collection tool enables you to select the perfect design for any page or layout. Have multiple designs activated to cover all stages of your conversion funnel.

Make it easy to sign up

Don’t overcomplicate things. Simply place your sign-up form in a prominent location on your site and ask for as little information as possible (AKA just an email address, if possible). Sign-up rates decline as the amount of information you ask for increases. 

While AddThis offers a wide variety of customization options for your email collection campaigns, the most important aspect will always be relevancy. If you can cultivate an environment where your visitors feel like every point of engagement is useful and tailored to their interests, they’re more likely to become loyal long-term customers and brand advocates (email subscribers are 3X more likely to share your content on social media).

There you have it! A few easy ways to leverage the AddThis free website tools to grow your email list.

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