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How to Install AddThis Using Cloudflare Apps


AddThis is now available in the collection of third-party apps in the Cloudflare Apps Store. Follow the steps below to add AddThis share buttons to your Cloudflare website.

Note: You must be a Cloudflare customer to install AddThis Share Buttons for Cloudflare Apps. If you are an existing AddThis user and already have AddThis tools on your Cloudflare site, adding the AddThis Cloudflare App will override any tools configured from

1. Log in to your Cloudflare account here.
2. Visit our app listing here.


3. Select “Preview” to see how the Floating Share Bar will look on your Cloudflare website.


4. Customize your tools using the settings panel on the left.


5. Select “Finish installing onto your site” when you’re ready to deploy your tools.


Have questions about our new Cloudflare app? Reach out to us at or on Twitter.