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How to Install the AddThis Plugin on WordPress

Check out the tutorial below or our video walk-through of how to install the AddThis WordPress Social Plugins on your WordPress site:

How to Install AddThis Using Our WordPress Plugin:

Login to your WordPress account and your WordPress dashboard.

1. From the left navigation menu, choose Plugins > Add New

2. Run a search query for “AddThis”. Your search will return a few results, choose the type of tool you wish to add to your site.

For this tutorial, we will be installing the Share Buttons plugin which will make it easy for your users to easily share your content to over 200 platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and more.

3. Click “Install Now

4. Wait a few seconds and the button will then read “Activate”. Click it!

You will be taken back to your installed Plugins page where you will now see Share Buttons by AddThis listed:

5. You’ll now see AddThis also appears in the left navigation. Click it.

6. You will be taken to a login portal for Website Tools by AddThis

(NOTE: If you do not want to register for additional free features, including insightful analytics, skip to step 7 below)

  • If you already have an AddThis account, sign in to link your WordPress plugin to your account. If not and you’d like to receive insightful analytics along with your tools, register with your email address and follow the steps on

Setting Up Your Share Buttons

7. Select Share Buttons in the left navigation.

8. Click the Add New button.

9. Choose the type of Share Button integration you’d like to have on your pages.

Here are live examples of the two options:



10. Choose your preferred settings, including how you’d like your share counter to work and which services you’d like to appear.

(NOTE: We recommend using our Automatic option, which employs an algorithm that displays personalized services for each visitor based on previous sharing habits and other geographical data. You can read more about it here.)

11. Once you’ve got the settings where you want them, hit the Publish button on the top right.

CONGRATS! Your AddThis Share Button is now live on your WordPress site! Go check it out.


Last modified:  December 10th, 2018