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How to Use Data to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy


When was the last time you saw a billboard and thought, well that’s a great idea! Or the last time you picked up a paper flyer and actually bought or did what the flyer asked.

Gone are the days of content marketing past, when brands would blanket customers with ads, and hope that they click on one of them…or, looks up at their billboard, or walks past their store front.

Now that we’re in a more digital world, you can place your content in front of customers who are ready to buy what you’re selling. That is so powerful!

The goal of your content marketing strategy—whether it’s an article, blog post, video, white paper or infographic—is the same, right? To get your content in front of the right person, and create relevance.

But what makes content marketing truly powerful is the data that powers it.

People talk about data like it’s one big, complicated thing—but in fact, data is as simple as understanding your audience, and using those insights to make your website, content, and products, better.

Here are ways that data can improve your content marketing strategy (creating better results for your brand).

Understand Your Audience Better to Improve Your Content

So, what does your audience want to read about? And how can you tell?

An easy way to understand your audience better is to ask yourself, who are your customers, and what are their most urgent and pressing concerns? Understanding what your customers’ problems are can help you create content that they will want to read.

For example, someone who needs help improving their SEO might be searching for content such as, “How to choose the right keywords,” or, “How to increase my search rankings.”

A simple way to see quick results is to head to and start typing in a word or phrase. Google will automatically populate the phrase based on what people are currently searching for.

For example, start typing the phrase, “bounce rate,” and you see the suggestions populate below.


Using these subject ideas, you can create content that can address these questions. A blog post idea could be, “How to understand your bounce rate in Google Analytics.”

Did that blog post get some major traffic last month? Great! But don’t stop there.

Leverage that same topic and create an infographic, or perhaps even something larger like an eBook (learn more about re-purposing content to drive traffic).

Then, start over again by tracking that data. The more you understand about your customers and what they engage with, the more success you will see. As simple as that, you’re already using data to improve your content strategy.

Engage Your Customers and Keep Them Coming Back for More

Traffic is awesome, but effective content marketers know that engagement is also an important factor in reaching your audience.

Engagement isn’t just clicks—it’s measured in every interaction your customer has with your brand’s content. Think about it—how valuable is a follow on your Twitter page, when the content you post to that page isn’t getting any interaction from real people?

It might seem daunting, but it’s those deeper interactions that users have with your brand that really count.

And, engagement is a core part of content marketing that is improved by using data. A good way to start applying data to your content engagement is by identifying the key metrics that you’d like to track.

For example, if you own a restaurant, some sample key engagement metrics could be:

  1. Number of people who downloaded your infographic
  2. Number comments/shares on your social posts promoting a new menu item
  3. Number of comments/visitors to your website’s recent blog post

Create a weekly check-in so that you can stay on top of this data—try new things when you don’t see something working, and double down on the things that are working.

Data Improves Your Content Marketing Strategy 

Every time you try something new, let data be your guide. If something isn’t working, you’ll know faster and can adjust quicker to give your customers what they really want, not just what you think they’d want.

Never stop researching, comparing and tracking. Content is always evolving and so should you.

That’s where the power of data really shines, for you and for your brand.

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Last modified:  January 24th, 2018