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How to Install the AddThis Code to Shopify

Check out the tutorial below for our video walkthrough:

Steps to Install AddThis on Shopify

1. Login to your Shopify account and find the “Apps” store option in the left hand side toolbar. Open this and search for the AddThis where you will find the AddThis Sharing Tool.

2. Press the AddThis Sharing Tool.

3. Next you will see configuration options for your tools – you can make selections here on how you want your tools to show.

4. Drop your AddThis Profile ID so that your shares can be tracked and viewed in the AddThis dashboard.

5. Press “save settings.”

6. After you’ve saved, you need to add a snippet of “liquid code” to ensure that the codes show up on the page you want. To do that, grab the line of code in step 4 of the Shopify directions.

7. Go to the Shopify dashboard and find the “Online Store,” click “Themes” and in the right hand corner, choose “Edit HTML/CSS.”

8. Find the page you want to add the code – in this case the product page – and drop the snippet in the location of the page you want the tools to show and then click save.

9. Refresh your page and the buttons should be there!

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Last modified:  August 15th, 2018