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How to Install AddThis Tools on SquareSpace

Check out the tutorial below for our video walkthrough:


Note: If you have a Squarespace Personal Plan created after November 2017, you will not be able to install our dashboard tools. You will still be able to add share buttons to your site using our sharing endpoints. A simple generator for sharing endpoints share buttons can be found here.

Adding the AddThis JavaScript

To add install AddThis on your Squarespace site, all you have to do it grab a unique snippet of code from your AddThis dashboard and paste it into your site’s footer.  Here’s how:

Grab the snippet from your AddThis Dashboard

  1. Log in to your AddThis dashboard
  2. Activate the AddThis tool(s) that you would like to use
  3. Go to the « Get the Code » section of your AddThis dashboard
  4. Copy the AddThis snippet

Paste it into the footer of your site

  1. Log in to your Squarespace Admin
  2. Click « Settings »
  3. Click « Advanced »
  4. Click « Code Injection »
  5. Paste the AddThis snippet into the box labeled « Footer »
  6. Save your changes

Adding Inline Tools

If you would like to install an inline tool, that involves adding a second snippet of code to your site. After activating an inline tool:

  1. Go to the « Get the Code » section of your AddThis dashboard
  2. Locate the code for the inline tool
  3. In your Squarespace admin click « Pages »
  4. Select the page you would like to add your inline tool to
  5. Add a code block in the page editor
  6. Paste in the AddThis snippet
  7. Save your changes

If you have any questions, please contact our dedicated support team. We are glad to help!

Last modified:  August 17th, 2018