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Optimizing to Share on Google Plus

Update: As of December 12, 2018, AddThis has removed Google+ from our list of social sharing networks. You can find more information here

When content is shared to Google Plus, Google generates preview information for the user. If your content is being shared to Google but isn’t showing a proper preview, there are some specific things to look for.

Specifying Google page tags

To instruct Google what to display, you need to specify Google-compatible meta tags, and update your HTML schema. Here’s how:

<!-- Update your html tag to include the itemscope and itemtype attributes --> 
<html itemscope itemtype="">  

<!-- Add the following three tags inside head --> 
<meta itemprop="name" content="AddThis Tour" /> 
<meta itemprop="description" content="Watch the AddThis Tour video." />  
<meta itemprop="image" content="" />

For more information about Google Plus sharing, you can check out Webmasters’ Guide to +1.

Last modified:  May 28th, 2019