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AddThis Smart Sorting

At AddThis, we know that you don’t want to just offer share buttons, you want your visitors to actually use them. Which is why we offer Smart Sorting, to increase the likelihood of your website visitors interacting with your share buttons.

What Is Smart Sorting?

When you activate a set of AddThis share buttons you are given two options when selecting which social networks to display – select your own or let AddThis choose for you.

When we refer to “Smart Sorting” we are referring to the option that allows AddThis to automatically select the services displayed to your users for you.

Let’s explain how AddThis decides which sharing services to display and why we recommend this option over selecting the services yourself.

How Does AddThis Decide Which Sharing Services to Display?

Our Smart Sorting works by detecting which social networks a user has most recently and most frequently interacted with and displays those social networks to that user. For example, a user who shares frequently to LinkedIn will see the LinkedIn button, but a user who doesn’t have a LinkedIn account and has never used LinkedIn will not see that service recommended to them.

This is especially useful for websites with a large international audience. Different regions of the world have different popular social networks which we consider when populating the tools on your page dynamically. For example, Facebook isn’t big in China but Weibo is, so users in China would rather see Weibo in their services list.

If a user has not recently interacted with any social networks, we will display the social networks that are most popular in the country that they are in. This can have a dramatic effect on share button usage on your site.

Why Do We Recommend Smart Sorting?

You will see an increase in overall sharing of about 20% if you use our Smart Sorting services option. Particularly from your site’s international visitors, who use many of our other hundreds of sharing services.

Enabling Smart Sorting

To enable Smart Sorting on your site, choose the option “selected automatically by AddThis” under the Sharing Services options in your tool settings. Then just select the number of services that you would like to display.

If you are using the AddThis Toolbox tools, you can enable Smart Sorting by using the “preferred” classes as seen in this article.

Don’t want Smart Sorting?

Not a problem! We also offer the option to select the specific sharing services that will appear for your visitors.

In your tool settings, just choose the “select your own” option under the Sharing Services tab in the tool settings.

This will display the list of services that we offer for you to choose which you can reorder by clicking and dragging.

If you are using the AddThis Toolbox tools you can manually specify services using each social network’s specific AddThis class, which you can find in this article.

If you have any questions about Smart Sorting, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team. We are happy to help!

Last modified:  March 22nd, 2019