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6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Social Media Strategy

spring cleaning social media tips

Now that spring is finally here, it’s the perfect time to clean up your social media strategy. But unlike that dusty garage, you won’t need a mop or rubber gloves, and most of our tips can be accomplished in just a few short hours.

Similar to home maintenance, digital housekeeping of your social media channels is necessary to keep everything organized and running smoothly.

Here are 6 helpful spring cleaning tips for community managers and social media marketers.

Tip 1: Change Your Passwords

If you’re like us, it probably feels like you have at least a million passwords to keep track of – between your email, social media, and various other business and personal accounts.

Savvy pros recommend changing all of your passwords every couple of months. This is especially vital as employees come and go, so you can monitor who has access to those accounts. A password manager can help you stay on top of your password list and streamline the process of changing multiple accounts.

LastPass is a popular password manager favored by social media managers. Newer on the password manager scene is Dashlane. Its user-friendly apps for Windows, OS X, iPhone, iPad, and Android is helping this newcomer earn fans. Dashlane also allows you to analyze password strength, while an auto password option can change all passwords for you.

Regardless of whether you’re using a password manager or not, remember to create strong passwords in order to hack-proof your accounts. How to Geek gives sound advice on how to create virtually uncrackable passwords.

Passwords should be:

  • A minimum of 12 characters (longer is even better)
  • A random combination of numbers, symbols, caps, and lowercase
  • Completely brand new each time you change passwords

Passwords shouldn’t be:

  • A word or common combo of words found in the dictionary (eg, “cat” or “black cat”)
  • An obvious substitution (eg, “c00l guy” where the number “0” replaces the “Os”)
  • A variation on an old password

Tip 2: Audit Employee Permissions

Changing passwords after employees leave is a must. Access to accounts and permissions also need to be updated when employees leave the company. A deep spring cleaning requires a thorough check of all permissions across all social media platforms.

When you have several people with access to multiple social media platforms, it’s tough to keep track of who’s allowed to login at which site. In order to check this, you’ll need to log in to all current sites and make sure your permission settings reflect only current employees.

Tip 3: Consolidate Old Accounts

Run an audit of all your social media properties and assess what’s essential and what’s not.

Do you have any old Twitter accounts? Is there something lingering out there that should be deleted? Maybe you need to create a new handle to better support where your business is headed, like a customer support channel.

Do you have a verified Twitter account? If not, now’s the time to create one. A verified account means that Twitter has given you their badge of approval, and has certified your authenticity. For more info on how to verify your Twitter account, check out Twitter’s FAQ about verified accounts. You can also verify your account on Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

Another easy, free upgrade is to add some shiny new buttons to display your social media accounts on your website. Displaying your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest buttons are simple ways to gain more followers.

Tip 4: Refresh Your Design Assets

After a while, it gets old seeing the same images on your social media banners and backgrounds. Don’t risk boring your audience and letting that precious real estate on your profile go to waste. Now’s the time to refresh your look by adding new images to your social media.

Consider arranging professional photos or replacing all pictures with high-resolution images. There are lots of free online photo resources that make this easy. Any photography talent in your office? You can ask for a hand with getting great office, employee, or product shots. You can also update your profile photos and background images across all of your social channels.

While you’re boosting your social media channels’ visual appeal, take the time to look at your branding. Ask whether it’s consistent across all channels. Do you have a new logo? If so, make sure you add it to all your social media accounts for consistency.

Tip 5: Update Your Social Media Profile Descriptions

Your social media profiles are almost as important as your photos when it comes to attracting and intriguing your audience. Your “About Me” section should be written with your target audience in mind and should include details about the value you offer. This is especially important when thinking about social media as a lead generation tool for the top of your funnel.

The profile descriptions on social channels are also valuable because, like on Instagram, it’s the only place you can post a clickable URL. They can also help you with visibility in search results. It’s important that you ensure your profiles are up-to-date and optimized for how you want your brand described on each channel.

Make sure your profiles list your most current company data, including your website, staff, recent projects, press, and awards. Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn by including links to any favorable press releases, awards, books, accolades, or including social proof.

Tip 6: Freshen Up Your Feed

Brainstorm new types of content you haven’t tried in the past as a way to drive more engagement and reach new users via your social channels.

Here are some ideas to freshen your feed and boost engagement:

When you experiment with different content types, you keep things interesting — both for you and your audience.

With these six tips in mind, giving your social media strategy the once-over this spring can help you gain new followers and boost engagement from old ones. Happy spring cleaning!