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What is the addthis_share Variable?

Sharing Configuration

The same object format can be used for specifying global or instance configuration. To specify global configuration, the special name addthis_share must be used.

For example:

<script type="text/javascript">
var addthis_share =
   // ... members go here


Sharing Configuration Options
Name Description Type Default value
url URL to share url window URL
title title of shared object string window title
description description of shared object string none
media image for shared object string none
email_template name of template to use for emailed shares string none
email_vars associative array mapping custom email variables to values object none
passthrough allows additional parameters to be passed for Twitter shares object none
url_transforms allows arbitrary parameters to be passed for URLs at share time.
(Example Usage)

allows shares to be shortened with (Example Usage)

object none

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Last modified:  November 30th, 2016