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Tips to Avoid Spam Filters

Tips to Avoid Spam Filters

Guest post by Shea Drake.

You can spend valuable time crafting targeted emails and sending them to your clients, but if you’re experiencing a low open rate or aren’t seeing the clicks you’d hoped for, your emails may be ending up in spam folders.

Spam filtering has become more rigorous as webmail providers crack down on spam. In 2015, Return Path released a study reporting that 21% of commercial emails never make it to the intended recipients’ inboxes.

Along with spam filtering, there are other dynamics to consider when your emails aren’t making it to the desired destination. For example, subscriber engagement—the way your audience interacts with your mailings—also plays a role in email deliverability.

With so many factors determining where your email ends up, how do you ensure you avoid the spam folder? Read on to learn more.

  1. Always Get Permission to Email

Never purchase email lists to fill up your contacts database. Doing so violates the CAN-SPAM Act and may subject you to large fines. Instead, use a two-part opt-in on your website that makes it clear to your visitors that they’re subscribing to your email list. This tactic helps avoid any confusion to the customer about their subscribing choices.

Your customers will take the following steps in a two-part opt-in form:

  • The subscriber enters their email into web form (opt-in one).
  • The subscriber receives a confirmation email with a link.
  • The subscriber clicks on link (opt-in two).
  • If the subscriber does not click the link, they are not subscribed to your email list.
  1. Entice Your Audience to Open the Email

Many of the top webmail providers report that a company’s email open rate is a large consideration in spam filtering assessments. If your subject lines don’t grabbing your customers’ attention or your content doesn’t inspire your reader and they avoid opening future communications, your emails may forever end up in the spam folder.

  1. Keep Your Email List Updated

When it comes to your subscriber list, weeding out inactive or unsubscribed contacts on a regular basis can help you avoid bounces in your email account. Some webmail providers will even ban your account if you reach a bounce rate higher than 5%. Removing these inactive accounts monthly can help your click-through rate increase and improve your email’s chances of landing in the in-box.

  1. Optimize Your Email Campaign for Mobile

Many email marketers still use email templates that aren’t optimized for mobile devices. The typical response from readers who open such emails is to delete them without reading the content. Now that mobile devices account for 54% of email opens, it’s time to optimize your content so it’s readable on smartphones and tablets.

The landscape of digital marketing is constantly changing, but you can keep up with the requirements with a little bit of research. Check out more of the email marketing dos and don’ts to better avoid spam filters and get your emails to your target audience, right where they belong.


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About the Author

Shea Drake lives in Utah where she enjoys writing about marketing trends, AI, and Augmented Reality. She has worked with large marketing agencies, small family-owned businesses, and has had her own photography business for several years. She loves staying up to date with what’s going on in the tech world and sharing her insights with others. She’s on Twitter @SheaDrakePhoto, where you can keep the conversation going, find more of her writings, photos, and obsessions on all things marketing.


Last modified:  March 19th, 2018