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Top 3 AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Components

Top 3 AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Components

The AMP project (spearheaded by Google and others) is a new open-source initiative that stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is meant to improve the mobile web browsing experience by ensuring that web pages load quickly and efficiently. There are other advantages to setting your website pages up for AMP, such as additional traffic from platforms that link out to AMP websites like Google and Twitter.

The great news is that AMP’s components are allowing more third-party websites to provide tools that help visitors increase traffic and improve the user experience. The list is growing, but here are the three must-have AMP components:

1. Video (YouTube component)

If you’re wondering what the future of digital marketing looks like, look no further than video. A recent study predicted that 82% of consumer internet traffic will be video by 2020. And the advertising dollars are following closely behind—video ad spend is on track to be more than 16% of the overall digital ad spend, coming in at $17.56B in 2019. In order to keep up with this growing demand for video, install the AMP video component on your page to allow your followers to connect directly to their favorite YouTube videos and influencers. Providing your customers with the video component is non-negotiable if you want to gain access to the nearly 230M digital video watchers and claim your piece of the ad spend.

2. Share buttons (AddThis)

Barney was right: sharing is caring. Share buttons like AddThis are on-page buttons that enable your customers to share your content on their favorite social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and more. Adding share buttons to your AMP site is an important step in improving your SEO, increasing traffic to your site, and generating organic buzz around your products or services.

3. Web push notifications

Think active, not passive, and make sure your site has the web push notification AMP component. Web push notifications are optional clickable alerts that can be delivered across mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms, whether or not a browser is open at the time. As a result, this component can help you stay in touch with your engaged audiences across devices, ensuring they never miss a beat.

And that’s it—the three top AMP components you should install ASAP. They will add convenience for your customers, increase your site traffic, and ensure you stay top of mind with your engaged audiences.

While we have you . . . need a refresher on AMP? Look no further.


Last modified:  October 24th, 2018