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Top 5 Visuals Your Landing Page Needs to Boost Your Ecommerce Traffic

Landing page visuals header image

The landing page of your ecommerce website is your customer’s first port of call when they are interested in your product or service. A strong landing page combines the power of text and visuals to prompt users to proceed through the buyer journey. Eventually, it could even earn you a loyal base of customers and further boost your site traffic.

Your landing page should feature the most important information first. That way, you can convince your visitors to continue exploring your site and make a purchase. However, while it’s tempting to include as much text as possible on your landing page, people simply do not have the time to read long paragraphs.

Instead of loading your pages with text, use visuals to tell most of your story. Visuals are easy to absorb at a glance—which is how long most ecommerce sites have to engage their busy audiences. 

If you use heat map analysis on your webpage, you will likely notice that the areas your visitors focus on tend to have more visuals. Thus, using the right visuals on your landing page becomes extremely important. Here are the top five visuals you need to incorporate on your landing page to boost ecommerce traffic. 

1. Colors

Digital trends have consistently reiterated the importance of a strong color palette when creating visual content. Colors influence buyers and can create distinctions between sections of your page. 

Using color correctly gives you the agency to draw your visitor’s eye to your desired destination—similar to directional signage. Colors can also be used to highlight important information on a page or to give emphasis to an image.

In the examples below, you can see how much of a difference color makes to the image. 

Landing page visuals color image example

While the realistic image of the tourist spot on top is still attractive, the bottom image with the addition of the red hue takes on a dreamy quality that is much more likely to tempt your visitors to make a purchase. 

The sole purpose of your ecommerce site is to convert leads, and by selling a dream to your visitors, you are better positioned for success. The use of colors in your landing page visuals will help you increase traffic to your ecommerce pages.

2. Real People

How do you convince people to believe in your company over your competitors? By showing them that you are catering to real people, not an arbitrary concept of what a customer is. 

People want to see other people because it makes the company feel more personable. The best way to do this is to include images of people on your landing pages. Visuals of people are more effective in encouraging visitors to continue their customer journey on your ecommerce site. 

People remember faces better than other visuals they encounter. Plus, pictures of people give your customer a face to empathize with. A well-chosen picture of a person can have a similar effect seeing a sales person help a customer around a store as opposed to a customer making their way around on their own.

Images of people using your product will be even more effective than pictures of people simply looking at the customer, no matter how attractive their model. You can see from the examples below how a site can leverage their imagery to make an impact on customers.

Landing page visuals people example

The top image is static and has no relation to a product, whereas the image on the bottom shows someone actively using a product. Incorporating visuals of the product in action creates a connection between you and your customer, leading to a final purchase.

There are a number of great WordPress plugins to help you create landing pages, but you still need to provide the images for your site. So, select images of people that align with your brand to give customers more incentive to stay on your site and boost your ecommerce traffic.

3. Visualize Data

Data visualization is an effective technique to make the information you want to present easy to digest.  This is why you should be using them in your landing pages. This is particularly true of brands that have complex data to share but it is a tool that can be used across a variety of companies.

Look at this simple example below for a hypothetical health site. 

Landing page visuals data visualization example

Without stating their purpose, this website is informing visitors of why they may need their product. They do so using a mix of visual elements—a strong picture, icons, and highlighted text.

This data could have been included as one long paragraph on the page, but by creating a visual, the chances of a visitor absorbing the information, and making a purchase, becomes higher.

4. Infographics

In the same vein as data visualizations, an infographic is another excellent way to engage your landing page visitors. Infographics are short and sharp visuals that combine data, text, and imagery to give the reader a large amount of information in an accessible way. 

Look at the example below from a fictional event company. Not only is the infographic attractive—using colors to hold your attention—but it also uses icons and minimal text to inform the visitor of activities they could do. 

Landing page visuals infographic example

The great thing about infographics is how easy they are to absorb. And infographics are no longer difficult to make—marketers can create a well-made visual using infographic templates to keep visitors on your ecommerce site.

5. Videos

Video marketing has become very popular over the past few years in both B2B and B2C sectors. In fact, videos are the favored tool of B2B marketers and the trend continues for B2C marketers as well.

There are several types of videos that ecommerce sites can adopt to retain visitors—how-to guides, product usage videos, and customer testimonials. 

Videos leverage interactivity and movement to enhance the user experience, thus driving more traffic to your ecommerce website and increasing time on site. 

Visuals have the ability to engage audiences in a way just text simply cannot achieve. With the correct visuals, you can create a landing page that will convert visitors into loyal customers.

There are so many tools that designers and marketers now have access to that will make the process of creating engaging visuals much easier. The clever use of videos, employing infographics and visualizing data, using images of real people, and the careful selection of color, can all work towards making a significant impact on your website. If you haven’t already been using visuals, now is the time to do, and see your ecommerce traffic flourish.

All images created using Venngage.

Ronita Mohan is a content marketer at Venngage, the online infographic and design platform. Ronita is interested in a variety of topics related to digital marketing, visual content, and online engagement, which she enjoys researching and writing about.

Last modified:  October 21st, 2019