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Website Tip Jar Best Practices

Adding the Website Tip Jar to your site? Here are some easy to follow best practices to set you up for success, including where to place the buttons on your site, your call-to-action, and more.

Where on my website should I put these buttons?

  • Add them to your most important pages: Add the Website Tip Jar to your homepage, about us or mission statement page, and across others you consistently promote or drive traffic to, like your blog. If you use a template system for your site or blog, this can be an easy way to position the buttons once, and then let the template do the rest of the work for you.
  • Above the fold: Because these buttons are inline, they can fit within the body of your content. To maximize donations, we recommend placing your Website Tip Jar buttons in a prominent place “above the fold” so visitors who land on your page will see them without having to scroll.
  • Keep placement consistent: It’s a good idea to keep placement of these buttons consistent across your website. That way visitors will know right where to look if they are navigating through several pages on your website, and decide to make a donation.

What should the title (or line of text) above my buttons say?

  • Include a call-to-action (CTA): Don’t be afraid to ask your visitors to support your site. Including a CTA in the title above your buttons is an important part of encouraging your visitors to donate.
  • Relate your CTA to your website or cause: Something simple like “Donate Now” may be a good place to start, but having your CTA speak directly to what you’re hoping to accomplish with these buttons may be more compelling. For example, if you’re a content publisher, you may want your title to read something along the lines of “Help support the content you love.” If you’re a charity, call out support for your organization’s mission.

What’s next after I add the buttons to my site?

  • Promote them: Once you have added the Website Tip Jar buttons to your site, spread the word. Tell your fans and followers that now they can easily leave you tips or make donations in return for all the awesome content or work you’re producing. You could even run a campaign that points visitors to a dedicated donation page from other channels like email or social media.
  • Monitor your analytics: You can track Website Tip Jar button clicks in your AddThis Dashboard. Tracking the amount of money given will need to be done within the respective platform you’re promoting.

Have additional questions about the Website Tip Jar? Feel free to reach out to us here.