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What is Reduced Branding?

AddThis Branding

Some AddThis tools contain an AddThis logo or a “Powered by AddThis” message within the tool.  This is referred to as “AddThis Branding” and can be turned off in your AddThis dashboard, giving you a design that will fit better with your site.

How to Turn Off AddThis Branding

  1. Log into your AddThis account
  2. Navigate to Profile Settings
  3. Select Branding in the left side menu
  4. Turn branding to hide and save your changes

Hide AddThis Branding

I am Still Seeing AddThis Branding

Not all AddThis branding can be turned off. For example, the email share page will always match the AddThis brand and sharing to KakaoTalk will always include the AddThis logo at the bottom of the page preview.

However, AddThis ensures that our branding is removed where possible to not interfere with your company’s own branding.

If you need any assistance, please contact our dedicated support team. We are happy to help!