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Why You Should Use AddThis Instead of Custom Buttons

If you have a website, a way for your users to share your links and content to social media is most certainly on your checklist of features. When it comes time to integrate buttons for Facebook and Twitter and all the other important services on your pages, it can be overwhelming to decide where to start. Sometimes publishers will opt to go straight to the application sources and create their own homegrown integrations, but there are many reasons why you should be using AddThis instead of custom buttons.


  1. We have the most options and take care of the maintenance.

AddThis is integrated with more than 200 sharing platforms that we monitor and maintain so you don’t have to. AddThis updates sharing endpoints and APIs, saving you the hassle of periodic maintenance. For example, if Facebook were to deprecate their sharing button endpoint that’s being used, we would handle it automatically whereas if you’re using native code it would be on you to handle the code change (most likely after a visitor tells you that it’s broken).

  1. Integration with over 200 services includes “Smart Sharing”.

Because AddThis observes behavior of more than 2B visits to 15 million+ websites across the web, we know what sharing platforms a visitor to your site is most likely to use so that you can give your visitors a custom menu tailored to their personal preferences. For example, if someone from China who shares most prominently to Weibo comes to your site, AddThis would automatically place the Weibo sharing button at the top of the social sharing menu for that user; while the next user might be from the United States and share heavily to Twitter, so we’d place Twitter at the top of their menu.

  1. Flexibility and ease of use.

AddThis gives you options. We make it easy to customize your share button designs from within a user-friendly dashboard so that even non-technical members of your team can manage your designs.

  1. We provide excellent support.

AddThis has an amazing support team who are focused on rapid response (averaging less than 3 hours to resolve issues!) and customer satisfaction, so when you need help we’ll be there. Also, our large user base means that if something is broken we find out about it and fix it quickly.

  1. We help decrease opportunity cost.

Not only is AddThis completely free, but every minute your developers spend on share buttons is valuable time they aren’t spending doing other important things. Rolling out your own share buttons can also cost hundreds in designer and developer costs. Save them time and save everyone money by employing our simple tools.

  1. We have analytics!

AddThis provides simple, clean analytics dashboard that shows you information you care about and also integrates with Google Analytics.

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