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Quality Data for Audiences at Scale

Improve campaign performance with AddThis audiences built from
the cross-web interests and behaviors of 2 billion users.

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AddThis has high-quality, scaled audiences available for all of your media needs.
Our massive scale can help you find more prospects, and our robust audience qualifiers provide the precision you need to drive conversions — anywhere around the world.


Activate our highly qualified,
off-the-shelf segments in minutes.

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Activate customized,
keyword-based audiences.

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Activate standard and
bespoke global audiences.

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The AddThis Difference

AddThis audiences are built to perform,
created via a transparent methodology that intersects quality with scale.


We have the largest footprint on the open web, so you can reach more of your best audience.

Depth of Signal

Audience data is generated by JavaScript on page, which observes 3x more data than a pixel.


Data is based on a 30-day rolling cookie pool, giving you confidence that you are reaching the right users.


New audiences are available through all major DMPs and DSPs within 72 hours of request.

AddThis is already helping us to identify the key characteristics of unknown customers, develop more targeted creative concepts, and even flagged an unexpected competitor for us. This ability to leverage insights, aggregate new audiences and push quickly into the market is especially valuable as we work in increasingly programmatic environments.

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Need to reach political audiences? Learn more about our issue-based data for better campaign performance.

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