How Xerox Gained 6.4x More Email Subscribers in 1 Month



If you work in an office, chances are you know your way around a Xerox machine. Well, did you know Xerox also runs a company blog with an email subscription list? In fact, they have more than just one blog. They have 12. All of which produce original content covering everything from simplifying your work flow to HR best practices. To help boost their number of subscribers and white paper downloads, Xerox turned to AddThis marketing tools. And in just one month of using Custom Messages, they gained 6.4x their average number of new subscribers per month.

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6 Essential Design Tips for Non-Designers


As a marketing designer at AddThis, I work with designers as well as with non-designers. Sometimes with the overload of requests, I can’t get to everything, which means my non-design co-workers have to create their own images or landing pages. Because I know others out there may be in similar positions, I put together a list of best practices for all the non-designers who may need to design something on their own every now and then.

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What We Learned By Looking at 90 Days Worth of Tweets


We’re now a couple of weeks into Q2 and some of us on the marketing team at AddThis are checking in to see what’s working and what’s not when it comes to our social media strategy.

Because we’re seeing great engagement on Twitter, we decided to take a closer look at our tweets to see if we could find trends in what was getting the most attention. Here are the 3 lessons we learned (or had reinforced) from looking at our past 90 days worth of tweets.

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Minneapolis Running: Using Custom Messages to Better Engage Their Visitors



As an avid runner, I was really excited to chat with Nathan Freeburg about his site, Minneapolis Running. Nathan started this site because he wanted to share his passion for running and combine it with information about local races, running groups, and tips for runners in Minneapolis (and anywhere, really). It now has several contributors and traffic is growing on a steady basis.

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Machine Learning – Scale is Relative


Yesterday, Amazon Machine Learning was announced on the AWS Official Blog. It’s great to see more tools developed to improve the data science workflow. It’s enabling the Web to be much more personalized. Nvidia is doing it with DIGITS and Matlab has a toolbox too. The growth of tools supporting data science makes personalization better, more accessible to companies, and easier to scale. The better the tools, the better we can do on the job. But – as always – we need to keep the whole picture in mind and watch the trade offs.

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Game of Thrones Fans by the Numbers

This Sunday night at 9pm ET, Game of Thrones fans (myself included) will be parked in front of their televisions, greeted with the sweet opening theme of “DUN dun dun-dun-DUN-dun…” and taken back to the Land of Westeros for the much anticipated Season 5 premiere.

And with the Internet abuzz on the subject, it presents a great opportunity for marketers and advertisers to reach this highly engaged fan base.

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New Custom Message Creator – Now It’s Never Been Easier to Personalize Your Site!


A while back we introduced a new feature to the set of Marketing Tools in the form of the Custom Message, where you can customize messaging to display to different people in your audiences as an overlay on your site. We received some great feedback, and made improvements based on what our users said they needed.

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