Launch of AddThis Labs with the Sharebar and iPhone-Optimized Analytics

Today, I’m really excited to announce the launch of AddThis Labs. Over the last year, AddThis has started a new chapter of its life. It’s evolved from a mere button on a few pages to become the Web’s universal sharing platform, seen by over 600 million people every month (hailing from countries all across the world!), on a menagerie of 550,000 Web sites. Given that level of diversity, it only makes sense that we’ve been running some experiments and listening to our users. AddThis Labs is all about opening that process up even further.

Our first Labs project is the AddThis Sharebar. Sharebar is a great example of the flexibility of our APIs; it uses the Sharing Endpoints to create a completely new on-page interface for sharing online content. We’re excited to see how new interfaces like the Sharebar will change how users interact with a page and the 207 services that we’ve integrated into the AddThis platform.

Secondly, we’re launching AddThis iPhone-Optimized Analytics. Using some of our more avatar movie elaborate internal Analytics APIs, we revisualized the data specifically for the iPhone, so you can keep track of how your content is getting shared while you’re on the go. Try it out by typing into Safari on your iPhone.

If you play with any of the Labs projects, stop by the forumWe’d love to hear your feedback. We see a lot of possibilities in the AddThis platform: these two projects came out of a single hackathon! But while we place a high value on innovation–and there’s crazier stuff to come–but the end goal is improving things for you, our users. We need your comments and ideas to make that happen.

Over the coming months, we’re going to be releasing more of our internal projects and experiments into AddThis Labs. Check back often for more exciting examples of cool and innovative ways that you can harness the power of the AddThis platform.