AddThis, Now With Even Sexier Analytics

Over the last few months, our Web team has been hard at work, designing and building the next version of the AddThis website. Today, I’m SO excited to unveil it to you today.

With this redesign, we expanded our analytics. We hope that you’ll find it even easier to discover and utilize all that the AddThis sharing platform is capable of accomplishing.

Let me give you a brief tour of some of the redesign and analytics changes we introduced.

We added a box to the home page that’ll show you some of your analytics, when you’re logged in. We’re also surfacing some overall platform trends right on the home page.

We’ve completely refreshed the home page for your analytics. We’ve also added clickback tracking, which I’ve written a whole post about.

You’ve been asking about being able drill down to a specific URL and see the specific analytics stats for it. Well, here it is.

We didn’t stop there. You now also drill down to a specific service and see stats about it.

That’s the big stuff.  Make sure that you check our post about clickback analytics, this is a cool feature that you won’t wanna miss out on.

As always, we covet your thoughts and feedback. Let us know what you think.