Kicking Off Q2: Margaritas and Practicing Downward Dog

To start the quarter off right, here at Clearspring (the company behind AddThis), we brought the whole company down to World Corporate Headquarters in McLean, Virginia (VA) for some company meetings and bonding time.

It’s always a blast to be able to see everyone.  Here in VA, we talk to our New York City and Los Angeles offices all the time on the phone and via e-mail but it’s SO much more fun to hang in person.  Plus, you can just get so much more done.

Additionally, it was great to take some to reflect on where we’ve been over the last quarter and what’s coming up. It’s truly amazing to look at how much we’ve been able to grow the seemingly ubiquitous AddThis sharing platform – we’re now on over 1 million websites.  We’re also very excited about the future.  We have some BIG things coming out this quarter.

Here are some of the photos of my compatriots and the last few days of fun, which included some yoga :-)…

One of our account managers in New York is a certified yoga instructor.  So, we even started of this morning honing in on our downward facing dog.