Enable Facebook Like Via AddThis

This morning, we’re excited to announce the first phase of our support for the Facebook Like button within the AddThis sharing platform. If you’ve put the AddThis Toolbox on your page it only takes one additional line of code to display the Facebook Like button next to the rest of your service icons.

We’re always looking for new ways that AddThis can enable users to engage with online content. We see “Liking” as another way for users to support the content they love and share it with their friends, fitting squarely into our mission of making it easy for anyone to share anything anywhere online.

In our next phase, we will upgrade AddThis analytics for the Facebook Like button by adding support for clickback analytics. We’ve had a great response from clickbacks, and we’re sure you’ll be excited to see how much traffic you’re getting from the button. We’re also planning to enable the Facebook Like button within the AddThis menu via the API.

We know how exciting this is from the e-mails from friends and clients clamoring for support for the Facebook Like button since it was announced at Facebook’s developer conference, f8. Now that it’s here, send us a shout! We’d love to hear what you think and what kind of lift you see from it. Stay in touch. – justin@addthis.com